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9 years, 6 months

Princeton, MN



This animal is apart of our "Seniors For Seniors" program where we offer senior adopters an opportunity to adopt a pet at a discounted fee.

Edith is the sweetest girl! She is her foster mamma's shadow and never wants to be with out her foster mom and dad. Edith loves giving kisses. She's a s hort little lady so when she wants to give you a kiss, but can't get to your face, you'll get a little dog kiss on the leg. Edith has had no accidents and seems fully potty trained. Edy loves to be outside with her foster brother and sister in the fenced yard. I think she will need a fenced yard as she will sometimes not come when her name is called. Edith likes walks, even though she is a little slow, it gives her more time to sniff everything. For an older lady, she has lots of spunk! She has a little barking problem. Edith is a little scared of noises and is barking to warn her foster family. We are working on it now and she is getting much better! Edith is placed in a crate at night, but also loves to sleep in her foster mom and dad's bed. It so comfy! Snuggling and being close is her favorite. When in her crate, she likes to be close to where we are. During the day when her foster mom and dad are at work, she is gated in the kitchen with some water and a nice dog bed and is very content. She has not gotten in to anything or chewed anything. She has been offered chewies but does not seem interested. This little lady has had a rough life but still shows much love to all humans, no matter who they are. There are no cats in our home so I'm not sure how she will be with cats. But Edith loves her foster brother and sister. She is starting to become playful with her foster sister and seems to ignore her foster brother. She is not a chewer nor does she really play with toys. She just loves her humans! Edith also likes human food. We are working on her manners and has jumped up on our coffee table to grab a bite of food. Again, we are working on her manners. Edith would be great in a home where she could receive lots of love and attention. A home that enjoys walks and being outside in the nice fresh air. We have discovered that she does have seizures but they are kept under control with medication. Her medication is about $30 a month and she will require quarterly vet appointments for blood draws in order to renew her medication. Other then that she is very healthy!

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Princeton, MN

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