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Ella Girl

Rat Terrier

Small  |  Female

Pacific Grove, CA


Ella Girl is a 10-year-old, 13-pound Fox Terrier mix. You wouldn't know it from her polite manners and sweet disposition, but she has spent her life as an outdoor-only dog with a minimal level of care and almost no affection. After years of being on her own, she's a little love sponge, ready to soak up kindness and good vibes from the new people in her life.
From day one, Ella has been incredibly well-behaved. For a doggie with limited or no training, she's surprisingly great on the leash, in the car, and at home alone. She gets along well with other dogs and cats and is decidedly low maintenance. She tends to relax in her bed and watch what you're doing - without being underfoot. This girl never complains or whines. She's just happy to be here.
Ella typically sleeps through the night and is very nearly housetrained. The only accidents she's had at her foster home occurred when she wasn't feeling well. She wasn't spayed for most of her life, so it's likely she's had several litters of puppies. She has a minor "cherry eye," which a vet is addressing, and it's possible she's a bit deaf.
Ella came to POMDR after good samaritan stepped in, hoping to find her a new home where she didn't have to be an outdoor dog anymore. She's ready to become a cherished member of a family, and we're so happy to help her find one. She's guaranteed to lavish you with kisses and adoration in gratitude.

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Pacific Grove, CA

(831) 718-9122

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