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Elliott: Likes Attention! (PA)


Small  |  Male

Philadelphia, PA


Blind Dog Rescue Alliance will transport within reasonable distance.
Elliott can see! He is has one good eye, and one that is blind.
* Name of Foster DOG:
* Primary Breed
* Mixed Breed
Primary Color
Apricot or Beige
Secondary Color
White or Cream
Coat Length
* Gender
* Size when grown:
* Age
* Level of blindness:
Blind in Right Eye
* Cause of eye issues:
Micropthalmia in right eye
Elliott is a very sweet Chihuahua. He is a bit shy and nervous in strange areas, but loves to cuddle. He did not come from a good situation and is learning, and soaking up attention and love. He is good on a leash and is learning to go potty outside. He is a smart little boy. Elliott came from a home with at least 16 animals (dogs and cats) and we don't want him going into that kind of situation again. 1 or 2 other animals would be fine, but not much more than that. He deserves to be given lots of love and attention. He really is a sweet little guy. Elliott is scheduled for his neuter on 14 Sept 2016.
Blind Dog Rescue Alliance's Board of directors has voted against the use of electric fencing effective immediately.

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Philadelphia, PA

(877) 254-6301

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