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San Francisco, CA


Please contact Vicky ( for more information about this pet.

Dalmatian Mix, Spayed Female, 15 months old, 38 lbs.

Elsa, spayed female, 15 months old, 38Lbs weight.
Elsa, a sweetie and stable puppy that always asks for more cuddling. She learned the commands of "sit "and "hand" within minutes, and surprisingly obedient for puppies at their age. She is a friendly playmate for cats, and playmate for dogs in public place, but she is dominant for dogs in foster home. She is really amiable with people even strangers. She is very actively that likes to go running and hiking. She is truly ideal pet for family who likes to exercise!
Elsa was abandoned in the street when 8 months old, a lady witnessed her been dropped from a car and the car left fast. The lady can’t keep her for long so she was pasted post on Facebook to ask if anyone wants to adopt her. The lady decided to send her to an animal shelter notorious for its quick euthanasia under procedure after a week since there is no one interested in her. The rescuer knows someone will be appreciated her and loving her for a life, so the rescuer takes responsibility to foster her and finding home for her.
Please Story first, at the end of the story, answer the following questions:
Alpha___V____ or submissive _______
Energy level very high_____high____medium__V___low____
Does the dog get along with other dogs at home?___YES___in a public place?___YES___
Is the dog Skittish (afraid sudden noise and movement, will try to get out of collar when scared) __NO___
Shy dog is just shy, not afraid of noise or sudden movement, will warm up faster than skittish dog__YES___
Is the dog people friendly_YES__, children friendly_YES__,
Does the dog bark continuously when left along? __NO____chew a lot___NO___
does the dog gets along with cats ?____YES____
housetrained or not?____YES____outside___YES___or newspaper______
good walk on leash or not?___YES____any basic training? __SIT, HAND, __
Is the dog afraid of man?____NO_____
How is the dog with new environment?__NEEDS FEW DAYS TO ADAPT COMFORTABLY __
Does the dog have food aggression with other dogs?¬¬___NO____
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating?____YES____
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? _____NO_____
Are there any red flags we should know?_____
Please visit to view (Elsa) videos, profile and fill out an online application.

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San Francisco, CA

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