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10 years, 1 month

Monkton, MD


**Please Note: We are only able to adopt within 30-40 miles of the Baltimore, MD area.**
UPDATE: Although Erin will never be a cat you can hug and snuggle with, she is turning into an affectionate cat. She runs to the door to meet her foster mom and dad when they come home. She likes to sleep right next to her foster mom or dad and spends a lot of time sitting next to them when they watch TV. She enjoys attention if you allow her to rub against you and pet her head gently. She doesn't do well with rough play. She would do best as the only pet in the household.
Erin was out on the mean streets of Baltimore city after being abused and abandoned. We have learned that Erin is a bit of a Diva and likes to have things her way. She likes to be petted, until she doesn't, and then she lets you know she's had enough. Erin will need someone who is very patient and willing to work with her to earn her trust and affection. She has beautiful calico markings and a colorful personality to match.
**For information about our adoption policies and procedures, please go to

Adopt Me
Monkton, MD

(410) 627-6563

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