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Please review our Adoption Process before filling out an application.

Ernie is a special behavioral and possible medical case.
Please, make sure to read this biography throrougly before contacting us or submitting an adoption application for him.
Ernie was rescued from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. He was left thetered to a post in the middle of a trafficated avenue. An independent rescuer saw him in need, rescued and took him to a vet for boarding and medical. He was VERY sinny and very shaggy. He was groomed (all hair shaved) and while at the vet he was not very trusting of the staff only of the veterinarian.
Ernie was helped by a independent rescuer in San Diego and he was transported to SD to a foster family. However, the day of transport it was noticable Ernie would be a behavioral case.
He was with the foster family (mom, dad and 2 children age 8-10yrs) and no other pets.
Ernie will try to bite when he first meets people as he is unsure and scared.
If you tell him 'uh uh' he stops. However, because of the children it was best he was moved to a different foster after being with the original foster family 2 weeks.
He was moved to a foster with no children and not a busy household at least, not with people. Just several dogs and cats He has been with that foster without a problem.
These are notes to take in consideration for anyone interested in Ernie:
He is a young teenager, TERRIER. If you know the terrier breed you know what this means.
He is house trained, crate trained, does well on the leash and well in the car.
He is ok in a home iwth cats and dogs. Not all dogs will like him but most do and its best dogs that will ignore him or dogs that will tolerate his play and also put him in his place as any adult dog should do with a teenager.
Ernie does NOT do well meeting new people, especially for the first time. He likely will do well or improve with the right foster or adoptive home who can train and practice with him.
For this reason, ONLY EXPERIENCED DOG fosters or owners are considered for his adoption.
Ernie is a the BIGGEST cuddler and LOVES his person. He is a FANTASTIC guard dog, he will bark and let you know whats going on.
We don't know his back history and what his life was like and has only been in foster for 4 weeks (as of 10/10/16) for this reason Ernie has yet to learn many things but he needs the right person/environment.
Ernie is likey a 1-2 person dog and as of now doesn't not do well with people in/out of the house, so a home body person is best for him or someone who doesn't mind placing him in his crate while visitors are at home.
He is VERy food motivated and he LISTENS to quick corrections so he wants to please and learn but again he needs exposure and training. As of now he is not a dog park or doggy cafe dog.
Medical - Ernie has 2 bowed front legs. As of now 1 leg will always be that way and he is fine with it, the other could be amputated but at this time he still uses it and is not in pain hence its recommended to leave the leg at least until his much older and should arthritis or discomfort arrise in the future on the one leg then it can be amputated. We believe his previous owners injured his legs but he is not sensative to the leg.
Realistically, we may be making him sound worst than he is. BUT if you believe your still not scared away and are possibly interested you are welcomed to call or email us to ask for more information before submitting an application online.
The ideal home for Ernie would be a home body who doesn't host weekend parties or have too many family members or friends come to visit. Also, no children. Cats and dogs are ok. The best matched setting would be a home with a yard VS an apartment/condo/townhouse setting. Experienced dog owner who can read behavior and NOT for first time adopters.
We have a few videos to get this very handsome and SO loving teenager who is really NOT that bad, except to meeting him or meeting new people and just needs training in that department.

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