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8 years, 4 months

Tampa, FL



You see there was a rumor going around about me. They said that I was old. Sure, I had a pretty sad tail of woe to being with but that is all beagle behind me.
I am a young soul! Nobody can agree on my age. Some humans say I am 8 but the latest vet says I am about 6. You see they are going by my teeth. I don't have a lot of teeth because SEBR helped fix the ones that are left and got rid of the rotten. The vet says that my teeth show wear in the front because I was trying to eat something like wood. Apparently I was starving for awhile. They had to put ten pounds on me just to transport me to rescue. I am FINE now!

I am "Oh so fine... oh so fine" now! I am the bounciest beagle in my foster home. I am also the most loving and devoted. I am grateful! In the morning I beagle bounce out the back door and I even come when called. Try to get your beagle to do that. I like to investigate. Geckos beagle beware! I am all over ya. No Gecko loitering here.

My foster mother is in love with me. Hound hard corpse. She will cry when I leave but then she will rescue another baby. Life is where it is at. Save another life.
I am largely submissive but would love another dog best friend. I am social! I probably didn't have much of a house before so I am not so sure about all this potty business but I am figuring it out. I ask to go outside but I prefer to play than potty. A few belly bands and some patience and we can belong to each other forever. I am not grey yet. I don't have to dog dye my hair. Oh please let me bounce into your life. I will show you my gratitude for Ernest eternity. Thank you.

Update: Since settling into his foster home, we have seen Ernest's health and energy level improve radically! We have recently had him re-evaluated and feel that he may be younger than the original age estimate on his paperwork. It is of course an estimate, but we believe he's probably more like 8 years old than 10. His foster mom nicknamed him Tigger as he is happy and bouncy, not at all the Ernest we first rescued! We we'll be sharing more details and updated pictures of this dear beagle boy soon!
New Arrival - ERNEST
ERNEST is a calm and gentle senior fellow who SO deserves a better life! You can tell by some of his pictures that he is a little bewildered by all this fuss and attention and probably has not had much of it. ERNEST was patient and cooperative while being bathed, dried and having his ears cleaned. We had a couple of younger and more boisterous beagle boys there for their SEBR initiation day as well and ERNEST was pretty cool with their shenanigans. We are very grateful that ERNEST tested negative for heartworms! He will soon be settling into his foster home and beginning his new life but we know that ERNEST has a forever home out there - someone who will be as blessed to show him love as ERNEST will be to receive it!

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Tampa, FL

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