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American Staffordshire Terrier

Large  |  Female

Huntsville, AL


Evie, once a loving mama of 8 sweet pups, has matured into a gentle 4-year-old lady in love with life and in love with loving. Quite simply, she is worth her weight (50 pounds) in love. Her two favorite pastimes are generously doling out kisses and cuddling up close to her people as often as paws-ible. She never tires of either of these. Evie moves about slowly and humbly but her tail whips constantly from side to side almost doing 360 degrees before reversing again. She also has the most amazing smile or "submissive grin." For those who have never experienced this phenomenon, it's incredibly adorable. Evie smiles when her people come home. She smiles when she gets some loving and she smiles when she gets excited. Yet as sweet and smiley as she is, she is very nervous in new situations, during storms, and while traveling. Evie is not destructive or volatile, she just pants and drools until the experience ends and needs a patient family who can help her overcome or ride out these fears. Now in search of her forever home, Evie requires one with a privacy fence that is 5 feet or higher. Evie is a world class jumper but if Evie can’t see anything tempting to chase, she doesn't jump. But just imagine having this sweetheart jump up on your lap or your sofa for some snuggling and that’s another story altogether. Evie is fostered in Birmingham, AL but is willing to travel to nearby cities for her happily ever after. For more information about this special Mama Bear please contact and ask about adopting Evie and having her love you forever.

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Huntsville, AL

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