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Poodle (Standard)

2 years, 7 months
Large  |  Male

Bowmanville, On


Farley is a two-year old parti-coloured standard poodle. It was recently discovered that he has epilepsy which usually shows itself at around this age. Thankfully it doesn't slow him down and most dogs lead a full, long life when properly managed.
Farley is a happy, affectionate and curious dog. He likes to lick ears and will nibble on earlobes which can hurt, but he doesn't mean it! He's a big talker and sounds like Chewbacca sometimes. He's not a big barker except when someone comes to the door which is OK as that's his job. He likes all people, children, dogs and cats and has just learned that all cats don't like him which confuses him. Farley is fully house trained.
It seems that Farley has not spent much time with other dogs. He doesn't know how to play even when invited. He can be a little too curious about little dogs. Because he weighs 60 pounds he should be supervised so he does not accidentally hurt one. Farley is full of energy and needs lots of exercise. When excited he tends to jump up and he can be mouthy. Unfortunately he can get hyper focused on someone and then his excitement is hard to curb. Farley will need training and is not the right dog for the very young or frail owners. With training and enough exercise Farley will make someone an awesome dog. The right stuff is already there.
If you are interested in meeting Farley, please email us to start the conversation. You are going to love him!

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