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4 years, 8 months
Medium  |  Female

Trexlertown, PA


With her deep gold eyes and coat of many colors, Felicia is a most intriguing looking cat. First seen by her rescuer desperately gulping bird seed from underneath a feeder on a frigid winter day, Felicia was soon much happier in the warmth of her foster home. The one thing she is not overly happy about is sharing her living quarters with multiple other foster cats. Felicia wants to be the solitary feline queen of her own private domain!
Felicia's estimated date of birth is March 9, 2012. She is spayed, fully vaccinated, negative for feline leukemia and FIV and in excellent health.
The foster facility in which Felicia resides allows all of the cats 24/7 access through a cat door to a fully enclosed outdoor yard. Felica takes advantage of that from time to time but for the most part prefers to remain inside. She immediately greets her foster mom morning and evening when her foster Mom arrives and has elected herself the official taste tester and quality control expert on all canned cat food being dished out for her fellow residents. She rubs up against her foster mom and loves to be petted at these times. At other times she is more independent and accepts or rejects further attention depending upon her mood! Though admittedly mildly testy at times, this tendency has diminished significantly during her time in foster care and will likely do so even more once she is happily a solitary feline. Her new owner will need to be understanding and accepting of her semi-independent streak, but it also seems highly possible that Felicia could become a lap cat or close to it, as long as the decision will be hers!
If you are searching for an interesting and appealing cat who will be truly happy as your one and only feline, please consider Felicia. She is anxiously waiting for you to come along!

Adopting from The Cat Shack The Cat Shack rescue is all volunteer and the adopted cats are delivered to your home. Because we deliver the cats to you, we must restrict the adoptions of our highly adoptable cats to a 1 hour drive from the Allentown PA area. In certain situations, 'special-needs' cats, ferals and older cats will be adopted to homes at a greater distance then a 1 hour drive from Allentown PA.
The first step in adoption is to...
Fill out an on-line application: House Cat Application | Barn Cat Application
Young KITTENS are always adopted in Pairs or to homes with other felines already in the home. Click here to read why kittens are happier with a buddy!
All cats are vaccinated, dewormed, tested and altered as part of the adoption contract. This basic care (and other vet work required to make our rescues healthy) is included in the $85 adoption donation!

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