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American Staffordshire Terrier

Medium  |  Female

Carlsbad, CA


Miss Fernie is looking for a FOSTER or ADOPTER in SoCal. Let us know if you can provide a temporary foster home or are interested in adopting our pretty lady!
Meet our sweet gal Fern, who joined our rescue fam this spring. Her shy demeanor immediately caught our hearts, and when we learned she was out of time at the local shelter, we had to help. Lucky for Fern, one of our best fosters stepped up to save her life, and she's been regaining health and spirit in their most excellent care. Fern is finally ready to join her forever family and she's keeping her golden orbs peeled :)
Fernie has the cutest underbite, which definitely adds to her charm. We've no idea what breeds she is - maybe staffie boxer mix in a petite < 45 lb. blue fawn package. She's a mature reserved lady of perhaps 7 years who hasn't had the easiest life, but she wants to be loved and will let you love on her, especially if you have food :)
She came to us in poor shape - very thin with prominent bones, cracked and crusted nose, nasty grill, severely overgrown nails, blood borne bacteria and intestinal parasites to boot. We treated her for those unwanted guests right away and gave her a dental too. Thanks to her foster mom's nutritious home cooking and some special doggie Snout Soother, Fern's looking awesome all around. Her coat is full and soft and she's put on some much needed weight. We've been working thru an occasional weakness in her back legs, and she seems to be stronger and in better spirits too, enjoying a peaceful recovery in her foster home.
Fern is looking for a quiet home with loving parents and children 15+, if any. Her mellow energy and easy care would be perfect for empty nesters or a retired couple. She does get quite excited over meals, walks, car rides and the return of her foster dad from work (and he usually has some cheese in hand, so no wonder!) Her inner puppy comes out and she prances around with joy; it's really cute. She enjoys a backyard in her foster home but it isn't a deal breaker in her forever home, as long as she gets a couple nice walks a day. Fern has excellent leash and car manners and likes to meet new people of any size. We think she'd love to be the only pet so she can be the star of your show.
Small animals and cats are not her thing as she has a bit of a prey drive, but a calm older male companion dog around her size may be a good match. Fern rarely barks, is crate trained, house broken and a well mannered indoor dog. She's not destructive when left alone (although we heard she tried to eat a sock once, so don't leave those lying around!) As much as she likes dirty socks, Fern can be a picky eater. She has a list of foods she's approved (LOL), and hopes her future parents will provide a bit o' meal variety :) Kibble is hit or miss but she's a fan of canned stuff (who isn't!) and also enjoys a dab of cottage cheese, yogurt or chicken. Fern's foster mom said that just like a child, Fern manages to pick around the green peas in her food and leaves a little pile at the bottom of her bowl. Peas are apparently not on the approved list. Haha!
If our darling Fernpuff sounds like a great match to fill the empty spot in your life, let us know! If you're not ready for adoption, but can offer Fern a temporary place in your home while we continue the search for her future fam, please also let us know!! She'll steal your heart as quickly as she stole ours <3
Fosters and adopters in Southern California only please.

Adopt Me
Carlsbad, CA

(310) 853-0757

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