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Fidget - Foster Needed

American Staffordshire Terrier

3 years, 9 months
Large  |  Male

Carlsbad, CA


Fidget's Fundraiser -
Meet WDR's resident tripod FIDGET! Ain't he the cutest? We think so! That giant head, his engaging nonstop smile, and his big brown eyes have us completely smitten heart emoticon
**Fidget is in need of an immediate dog savvy, feline free Foster Home. He's stuck in boarding with Sherman until we can find a real home for him. **
We rescued Fidget when he was about 10 months old (Dec. 2013) after animal control confiscated him from a local reservation. He had severe bite wounds to his right foreleg, compound fractures, bone sticking out ... It was guessed that he'd been living like that for a few months. There was no saving it so the county Spirit Fund ( provided for his amputation. Fidget completed his recovery in one of our foster homes before finding what we thought was his forever home the following May.
Sadly, Fidget's adoption didn't succeed. His former owners had so much love to give him, and he's such a loving dog and soaks it all up. Unfortunately without leadership, all the love in the world won't set a dog up for success. Fidget has been returned to WDR twice now - by the family who adopted and kept him for over a year, and then by his foster family who chose to adopt him when he came back. He was not getting along with the other dogs in his former homes frown emoticon
Fidget is 3+ years old now, a young adult animal who's grown up with too much freedom and not enough structure. frown emoticon He'll excel with ongoing guidance from people who live a leadership lifestyle with their animals, understand the importance of energy, and are willing to set and maintain boundaries. A family willing to use his crate, who will not rush him into an unsupervised relationship with other dogs before he's ready is an absolute must. Fidget is dog tolerant ( and gets along with most dogs. He wants his next parents to understand that he's normal and not fault him for it. A calm, adult female companion dog might be nice company but not necessary as long as he isn't left home alone all day. He's not tolerant of cats. The missing leg doesn't slow him down a whole lot ;p and his energy requires daily physical and mental outlets. Fidget enjoys short walks with frequent breaks and is extremely food motivated and eager to train. He's fixed and current on everything, and we'd be happy to provide professional training to ensure that his next move is successful.
If you're a dog savvy home with above average understanding of man's best friend and what sets us up for a successful relationship together, please contact us asap!
Southern California please

Adopt Me
Carlsbad, CA

(310) 853-0757

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