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Foxy Brown~UPDATE!

Australian Kelpie

2 years, 4 months
Medium  |  Female

Memphis, TN


~~Foxy Roxy is an Australian Kelpie. We call her our pocket Kelpie. When we first rescued Foxy from Memphis Animal Services she was emaciated and had been nursing puppies prior to being picked up as a stray. From our inquiries her puppies were not rescued from the streets. NOW Foxy is gorgeous! Her coat is silky smooth. Foxy Roxy is a really funny dog! She is completely housebroken, has shown no signs of destruction with her foster family and loves romping with her friends. She is very social and sweet with adults and children. She loves to get belly rubs and is a cuddler. We believe because she was used as a breeder dog at such a young age and ended up in the shelter emaciated it has stunted her growth. We were calling Roxy a pocket Husky at first because she is small (30lbs.), but we actually saw another Australian Kelpie at the dog park and the owners asked us where we got our Kelpie from. So we have changed Roxy's breed. Roxy is devoted to her people and wants to be where her foster family is. Are you Roxy's hero forever home?
All of our rescues are temperament tested around children of all ages, small and large dogs and cats. They all have basic training, IE; sit; down, come and walking on a lead. We are not a shelter, we are a rescue and all of our rescued dogs are kept in individual foster/volunteers homes. This gives them sometimes their first taste of having a family and being part of that family. Also, it provides us with the understanding of each individual rescue to match them to your family lifestyle and dynamics. As soon as we receive your application back, we will phone you to set up a home visit/meet & greet. If you are out of our area, we would request another rescue and/or veterinary office complete the home visit.
All of our rescues are completely vetted prior to adoption. Also, completed prior to adoptions are heartworm treatments as needed, any medical conditions treated (IE; allergies, demedex, etc.) and any surgeries for dogs coming into the rescue injured (IE; car accidents, etc.). Below is the vetting that all of our rescues receive prior to adoption. We only pull dogs from shelters and approximately 80% of our rescues come into the rescue heartworm positive. Those rescues are treated for heartworms prior to adoption.
adults; 1~7/1's DA2PPvL
Booster 7/1 30 days after arriving DA2PPvL
puppies; 3~7/1's DA2PPvL
Booster 7/1 @ 6 months DA2PPvL
adults & puppies;
bordetello vaccine
rabies vaccine & tag
microchip & tag
Pyrantel (twice)
heartworm tested @ 6 months or older
fecal tested
Heartworm Preventative (every month they are in rescue)
Flea preventative (every month they are in rescue)
New collar & tags
4Health Grain Free White fish & Potato

We do complete home visits prior to being approved. They are not designed to turn adopters down, but to point out safety issues for this breed. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Memphis, TN

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