Staffordshire Bull Terrier

3 years, 6 months
Medium  |  Male

West Palm Beach, FL


Oh how much fun we''ll have together! Let''s just hang out for a bit and you''ll see what a great guy I am. Let''s be `Frank`, did you ever meet someone that you always want to be around…Fun, friendly and full of life? Well that''s what people say about me. I''m a bundle of energy and an all around good guy. I listen when I''m told what to do, especially if you need me to sit and stay down. Yea, I do the typical dog stuff,-when I''m happy, I''ll jump, bark and wag my tail. When it comes to feeding time, I''m focused and ready to go. My manners are pretty good though and I won''t slobber all over the place. ` Frankly`, I''m just a good old guy, the best friend anyone could have! Let''s do a meet n greet and you''ll see what I mean!

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West Palm Beach, FL

(561) 686-3663

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1 year ago

i would like to know more about locating a pet.

Florence Grant

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