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Frankie ~ Courtesy Post

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

10 years, 7 months
Large  |  Male

Front Royal, VA


Frankie is a mixed breed Australian Cattle dog. He is about 8 years old which makes him a senior. He has been with my family since Thanksgiving 2015. He is about 50 lbs and medium height, short haired, mostly dark gray with some white fur. He has one brown eye and one light eye. He is up to date on his shots.
Frankie's good qualities include his loyalty to his family. He is house trained, having rare accidents in the house. His favorite activty is taking his owner for a walk. He is on a food schedule and bathroom break schedule. He enjoys lounging around the house and being petted and brushed. We have four cats to which he pays no mind at all. He is trained to, Sit!" for treats, give paw for treats and bark at the door should he need to go out. He has not shown aggression towards people using the usual smell the hand first and calming tones used when speaking to him. Frankie responds to commands such as, sit, stay, come on boy (when taking walks) no, stop and go lay down. The last command works well when he is getting under foot. Commanding him to, "sit!" before discipline also works well.
The behaviors Frankie needs work on are his aggression towards other dogs. This is partially territorial as he becomes agitated when another dog passes by our house or when Frankie is in the yard and another dog is spotted. He also is hit or miss in behavior around other dogs when going for a walk. He is prone to fight with other dogs should they approach him during a walk. He also has slight food aggression. He once was chewing on a toilet paper roll and when I tried to retrieve it from the floor in front of him he snapped at me. Another area of concern is his aggression towards unpredictable movements from children. While he gets along well with my twelve year old daughter he has often reacted badly to the quick movements of my eight year old son. Specifically when Frankie is laying at the bottom of the stairs and my son has tried to jump over him or run past him. Frankie is also sensative to people touching his neck area, specifically his collar. We believe his previous owners were abusive and used a shock collar for discpline. Once Frankie trusts us he allowed us to place a leash on his collar and pet him on neck as well as change his old collar to a new one and adjust the size of his collar.
We believe Frankie would make an excellent companion and pet to a home without small children or other dogs. Overall he is a good dog who just needs a chance to make himself a companion.

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Front Royal, VA

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