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Small  |  Male

Willingboro, NJ


Please contact Sue Coculo ( for more information about this pet.

Frankie is a fun little boy who is so cute and so much fun. He is very active and loves to play, but when its time to sit down and cuddle, he is right there with you. He is great with other dogs, cats and kids. He is housebroken and loves to go for rides in the car. Below is what his foster mom has to say about him, and If you would like to meet him, go to and fill out an application or email with any questions

Sending Shelter/Rescue:

Name(s) of your foster pet
Brief description of your foster pet (coloring, short or long coat, size, etc.)

Male, blonde, short hair, approximately 15 lbs
What makes your foster delightful/special?

Frankie is a very loving dog. He likes to sit in my lap, or sit where he can be in close proximity to me. He is playful, and loves to give doggie kisses. Frankie is also very intelligent. He picks up routines quickly (eg. which is his food bowl versus other dog's food bowls)and understands when I tell him to "No". He is also a great watch dog. No one came into my yard without him letting me know someone was there.
Cute things your foster does that could be endearing or a personality point that would make people want to meet him/her.

Frankie is a sweet dog that loves his toys. Especially squeeky toys, or toys that make some kind of noise. He loves to run in the backyard. He loves long walks and or jogging. I jog a slow 2 miles, and Frankie could keep on going after I stop! He's has walked up to four miles a day with me, and keeps on going like the energize bunny!
What kinds of activities does your foster like most?

Running and playing outside, playing with his toys, chewing on bones. His favorite activity is sitting on my lap and getting belly rubs!
What kinds of routines does you have for your foster?

I feed him him every 12 hours.
What help or special needs does your foster require?

Frankie is still a young male, and is at a stage where he likes to chew. I provide him with toys and bones, but whomever takes him needs to understand that Frankie will chew shoes or anything else left on the floor that is chewable. I've been working with him, but he needs more training.
Does your foster like dogs?

Yes. I have two other small dogs and they get along fine. There is normal growling that occurs if one dog has a bone and the other one wants it. But other than food/bone growling, he gets along well with the other dogs.
Does your foster like cats?

He chases my cat and barks. The cat avoids him. Maybe over time they would get along, not enough time has passed to let the relationship develop.
Is your foster DOG housetrained?

Yes. He's had a couple accidents, but appears to be housetrained.
Is your foster DOG crate trained?

I put him in the crate, but he didn't like it, so I let him out.
Is your foster DOG a fence climber

Not that I observed. I have a fence, and he seemed more happy just running around the backyard.

Is your foster fearful of:
Is your foster scared of thunderstorms or fireworks?

I had a couple of major storms come through and he seemed fine.
Does your foster like children?

He would see children when we went out to walk, and wanted to be petted and loved on by children.
Does your foster have separation anxiety?

Not sure. Like most dogs, he's just super happy when I get home!
How social is your foster with new people? Please describe your foster's behavior when they meet new people.

Frankie likes most people, and is very sociable. I have noticed that he is more alert and will bark at grown males, but once introduced, is fine.
How social is your foster with people they know? Please describe how your fosters behaves with people already known.

Not had a chance to observe.

In a brief paragraph how would you describe your foster?

Frankie, overall, is just a love bug that likes to give kisses and sit in your lap. He is a highly energetic dog that will need a back yard to run in, or a family who likes to jog or walk with him on leash. He likes other dogs too. He is very smart, and is a great guard dog. He is a boy that likes his toys and bones, and will play with them and entertain himself!

Interested in adopting this pet?
Click here for BCAA's on-line Application! PLEASE NOTE: Our adoption fee helps to cover our expenses and includes all shots, *age appropriate*, distemper and rabies, fecal check, spay/neuter, heartworm test, grooming, and in many cases dental and also the fee we pay when we rescue from a shelter.

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Willingboro, NJ

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