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Shih Tzu

5 years, 9 months
Small  |  Female

Lenoir, NC


I am micro-chipped,heart-worm Negative, have all my vaccinations, been spayed and received a major dental -- Plus to top it off I had bladder stones removed! There were 3 of them and all were egg sized. The vet could palpate them even before the X-ray showed them. My previous owner said that I tended to have "occasional UTI's" -- imagine that and I had recently given birth. I will be evaluated for 2 weeks by my foster family who have gone through SRC's approval process although they are going to see almost immediately how strong and amazing I really am!
(SRC#1815) FUDGIE's Story
FUDGIE with this unique identification number: (SRC#1815) just came into our custody and care. Once vetted this dog will be prepared for adoption by a foster family who has gone thru our approval process .
The Shih Tzus who came in with this recent group of rescues amazed me as the Director of this Rescue with their passive demeanors. I was fortunate enough to handle each one by picking them up, bathing them all and getting them to the vet for their medical care. All of this breed were so passive and sweet -- they just let you do anything to them with no aggression whatsoever almost as if they had given up completely. Once they were vetted I found out more about why they seemed so very docile. Fudgie (1815) a petite 5-6 yoa Chocolate Shih Tzu who had “occasionally” had a UTI according to the previous owner ended up having BLADDER STONES _ THREE of them. These stones which I was given the privilege of seeing before they were sent to the lab were the size of eggs and could be palpated by the vet even before the surgery! Death from occlusion could have occurred at any time. She was urinating pure blood and from the appearance of her nipples she had given birth recently. This one only had Grade 3 Dental disease. SRC does dentals on anything over a Grade 2 so she got a massive dental and a spay in addition to the bladder stone surgery. She came home with a pressure bandage and more medication than I can remember most rescues getting -- pain meds and antibotics! Thankfully Fudgie (1815) lived long enough to be rescued and at her age she can live a healthy life now and a happy one! This dear girl deserves this and so much more after all the suffering she has gone through in her short lifetime already!

"Hi. My name is Fudgie and my foster mommy also calls me fudgiesicle or the fudgiester. I am so adorable. It's hard to get a good picture because I am always running around! I am little and I am still scared but I am doing better. I don't pee when mommy picks me up anymore. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and I was very sad before I was saved by SRC. I am recovering well from the surgery where they removed giant bladder stones. I am discovering play and I love to run free in the back yard with my foster siblings. Mommy says that I run with sheer joy but I don't know what that means. I just love to run and play with the other dogs. I eat well and I love the special treats mommy gives me. I know she was hiding a pill in there but I didn't care. Now, there are no more pills but I still get a little treat every night. I am becoming more comfortable and I am part of the herd, as mommy calls us. I am still learning how to use stairs but I figured out the doggie dog simply by watching the other dogs. I am very smart. Mommy wants to spend more time with me since she says I still need some socialization, but she has to go someplace everyday because "cookies don't grow on trees". I do squat inside but but it's usually just drops. I use pee pads too! I know to go outside with the other pups but sometimes I can't help it. I think I am still getting used to my bladder without the huge stones! Mommy says she knows I will get better soon. I am looking for my forever home. I need someone who will be patient and work with me while we build a relationship. I promise to love you forever! Oh and mommy says I am awesome because I never even growl and mommy hasn't heard me bark yet! I just don't have anything to say...but Seriously, how cute am I?"
When ready for adoption this dog will be heart-worm tested (negative), de-wormed, vaccinations brought up to date, spayed/neutered if not done already, micro-chipped, examined fully by a vet and any necessary medical issues found by this vet will have been addressed. It is anticipated that this dog will be released for adoption by the same date as the completion of the Evaluation. The date of release is left to the discretion of the SRC Core Team.

Tax-deductible donation requested at time of adoption for this dog is $ 395 .
When ready for adoption this canine will also have been evaluated for two weeks by loving SRC foster parents who will be able to give the adoptive parents information as to their opinion about the demeanor of the adoptive parent's new family companion prior to the finalizing of this adoption. SRC volunteers strive to do all of this for the well-being of their rescued canine and for a successful. It is our worthy mission to assure that each dog goes to a loving and stable home whose family members will treat each rescued dog that SRC helps as a beloved member of their immediate family.
SRC’s dogs are in foster homes throughout NC, SC, and VA. You must be willing to drive to the dog's foster home in order to adopt it. The location of each dog is listed at the bottom of its bio.
BEFORE meeting an SRC dog, you must be approved to adopt. Our downloadable Adoption Application is on our web site at and can be submitted via email or fax (1-910-401-1317). You can request an Adoption Application to email address:
Upon receipt of your application, a vet reference check and home visit will be done. The entire process normally takes three to seven days, depending on your location.
Please plan on welcoming your new dog into your home within two weeks after approval. We do not hold dogs, and we adopt them out on a first-come, first-serve basis based on a completed adoption process.
SRC does not ordinarily adopt its dogs to families with children under ten years of age. This is for the protection of the dogs and for the protection of the children.
Procedures will be explained to you at the time of approval regarding donation and contract. Your donation goes forward to help incoming rescued dogs. Our average expenses per dog include:
Here is a break-down of the average expenses spent on SRC dogs to assure they remain healthy and happy as they are prepared for adoption:
Office Visit $45-60; Fecal $14-24; Rabies $14-24; DHLPP $14-24; Bordetella $14-24; Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrliccia Testing $30-45; Heart worm
Preventative $16 per month; Spay or Neuter $200-$400; Total Basic Vetting $347- $617; ADDITIONAL VETTING: Teeth Cleaning $200; Blood Panel $80 -150; Cherry Eye $300-$500; Urinary Tract Infection $60-100; Heartworm Treatment $300-700; Luxating Patellas $1,800 per leg; Cruciate Surgery $1,200 per leg; Entropian Surgery $250-$500; Demodectic Mange $100 per month; X-Ray $80 - $110; Ultrasound: $300; Cataract Surgery $1500 - $3000; Boarding $300 per month per dog
We want to thank you for your interest in our dogs.

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