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Furbabies Need Homes ASAP!!!

Domestic Short Hair

Medium  |  Female

Brooklyn, NY


Meet the Fur Babies, Tux, Lady, Nara, and Starfish! Four adorable kitties who are SOOOO ready to be taken in out of the cold and into a warm, loving and petting-friendly environment! The Babies have had a rough start to life, born into a feral cat colony in Brownsville, but absolutely love their neighbor BFF who has fed them and taken them to the vet to get all their needs taken care of! The babies are now practically BEGGING to be let inside but their BFF is moving in a few months and cannot take them all with her so is hoping to find some nice caring people who can give one or more of these deserving little sweethearts the home they dream of!
Tux acts like the patriarch of the bunch, acting with great dignity and seriousness although he is the first to come running to the door for breakfast and will keep up a chatter the whole time just to let you know he’s there! But Tux isn’t only interested in food. He will typically hang around the back yard and come snuggle up to his BFF whenever she is in the yard working or hanging out. He really just wants to be an indoor family-cat!
Nara is a petite cute and very smart girl. She was found as a stray spayed and returned outside but she has become so friendly that she is no longer suited to outdoor living. She is so smart that every morning before breakfast, without fail, she climbs on top of the fence outside her rescuer’s window to get the attention of her rescuer’s cat Duma. Once she gets Duma’s attention, he goes to the window to say hi to her then goes to wake the lady up to go feed Nara outside. Talk about brains! She is also affectionate and loves being pet. Now this smart little bundle needs a forever home!
Lady (Mamma) is a sweet little dear. She was found as a stray along with three other kitty friends and her kitten. Her baby has since been taken by a rescue and Lady is oh-so-ready to find a new home to begin her well deserved life of leisure. Lady really is a lady! She is very refined and graceful and carefully comes to you for attention. She is a personal favorite of her rescuer. You just want to squeeze her and eat her up! Every day she easily jumps to the top of the fence to come into the yard for her breakfast and look at you with wise eyes. Even though she likes her rescuer, the nice lady has to move in two months! And now it is more urgent than ever that she finds a forever home. She is hoping and praying that you choose her!
Starfish is the star of the show. He really is a ham. Boy does he love attention. He was found as a stray with three other kitties also seeking homes. Every morning he will diligently choose affection over food when a pet and snuggle is offered. He is especially pals with Tux who he looks to for direction. They are buddies and always show up together. Starfish has a funny face and a bright personality that would bring happiness to anyone’s day. Starfish is hoping you choose him to be the star of your show!
The Fur Babies are all healthy, fixed, up to date on shots, and will be taken to the vet prior to adoption for one last check-up and treatments. If you would like more information or want to schedule to meet the Babies, please contact Belinda at
Thank you for thinking of animals in need - your support allows us to help the next furry sweetheart!

All Brooklyn Animal Action dogs and cats are available to foster or adopt.

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