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Gabbi (c)


5 years, 2 months

Royal Palm Beach, Fl


Hi my name is Gabby. My mommy named me that because I like to talk to her. No I'm not a crybaby I just answer her when she talks to me. I have my claws, but I use them to scratch boards on the floor, so don't worry. I especially like it when she puts a little bit of catnip on them too!
They em also call me a great eater! I weighed 15.6 pounds. A dog household is OK, as long as we can agree to just ignore one another, because I'm not fond of being chased. I had a cat sister, so have no problem living with a cat, but I can go either way, because when she moved out and found her loving home, I didn't have a broken heart. So you see, I'm pretty flexible as long as I am loved!
One of my favorite things to do during the day is lounge in a sunny spot and watch the birds. However, I can be enticed with lizard chasing, or even a string toy if you want to play with me! And at night, I like to curl beside you!
Oh one other thing... I have hair made of silk, especially under my chin. And I'm not just saying that because I love to be pet, honestly! Feel my fur to find out! People call me the Queen, but I don't need a palace, just someone to treat me like royalty, would suffice!

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Royal Palm Beach, Fl

(561) 684-1010

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