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4 years, 10 months
Medium  |  Male

Inverness, Fl



Adopt Me !!!

***SPECIAL NEEDS!!! VISION IMPAIRED!!!!**** Bentley is a very loveable neutered 4-y.o. terrier/possible lab mix, HW-neg and very housebroken, in good health. He has a beautiful shiny black coat with some white in it, and deeply green eyes. He is visually impaired but definitely can see movement and shadows and reacts appropriately to them. Although he weighs about 49 pounds, he definitely wants to be a lapdog, and if there is a lap available, he will definitely crawl into it. He loves people and wants to be with them at all times. He loves hard toys that he can chew and will chase and find a ball if thrown. When not cuddling, he is an active dog, exploring his surroundings. But his main joy in life is to be with his person, being in close contact with them and being affectionate with them. Please call Joanne @ 352-795-1288., or Dreama, 813-244-7324,

"In every heart, there is a hole. In every shelter, there is love in which to fill it." ~ Colleen Paige
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Adopt Me
Inverness, Fl

(352) 746-8400

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