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General Hux

Pit Bull Terrier

1 year, 3 months
Medium  |  Male

Redmond, WA


NAME: General Hux
AGE/GENDER: Young (born 9/1/15), Male
BREED: Pit Bull Terrier/Heeler Mix
TEMPERAMENT: Energetic, playful, sweet
WEIGHT: 45 lbs and growing
HOUSE TRAINING: Not yet! He is a young guy so he'll need a consistent schedule with multiple opportunities daily to go outside while he works on it. Puppies should not be considered reliable in regard to housetraining until 6-12 months of age. They're a lot like toddlers, who require diapers!
CRATE TRAINING: Good, he's young and trainable!
OTHER DOGS: Good! He will need continued socialization, like all puppies!
CATS: Good! He is learning not to chase cats at his foster home. Continued socialization will be important!
CHILDREN: Dog-respectful children, 8 and older
HEALTH: General Hux is healthy! He is currently being treated for demodex mange, which is not contagious to people or animals. Prior to adoption, puppies will be altered, microchipped, flea treated, and dewormed. Puppies are given vaccination boosters in our care; however, adoptive families will be responsible for the remaining vaccinations that puppies need. Your adoption donation goes toward the cost of this vet care as well as transportation and general care costs. In addition, all pets adopted from Motley Zoo come with 30 days of free pet insurance provided by Shelter Care.

HISTORY: Motley Zoo Animal Rescue was asked to find him a great forever family and that is exactly what we plan to do!

NOTES FROM NAME'S FOSTER HOME: General Hux is a wonderfully loving boy who would make a great addition on a family that who wants not only a big cuddle buddy, but an energetic hiker and potential jogger. Right now he is too young to jog since his growth plates are not fully formed. He can be a little uncertain when meeting other dogs and would benefit from doggie daycare. He is not too sure that cats aren't to be chased and is learning boundaries with them. Because he is so eager to please, he follows directions well. He definitely needs a leader in his life and would do well with another older pup who will not only play with him, but show him how to behave around others, like a mentor. He loves other dogs and people equally. Because of his size he would not do well with small dogs as he really has no idea how big or strong he is. He is a fast learner and loves people of all ages and sizes. He has total confidence that all people, no matter the age, are wonderful, but he does need guidance to learn that all dogs are just as great. Someone who is familiar with the breed and dog experience would be the right match for General Hux. He is currently in a home with dogs, cats, and kids and has already made himself part of the pack. His forever family should be committed to lots of training - obedience, housetraining, and socialization. This will ensure that General Hux grows into a confident, well behaved adult! Puppies' personalities are dependent on their environment, and the structure and training they are given, in addition to socialization. Their personalities continue to grow and be shaped by their new adoptive families. Puppy daycare and socialization classes or puppy kindergarten are highly recommended for their personal development. He will more than reward you for all your hard work with lots of love, loyalty, and laughs.

All dogs adopted from Motley Zoo come with a leash and either a Martingale collar or a harness, depending on each dog's particular needs.

Welcome to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization that is run entirely by volunteers. Motley Zoo does not have a brick and mortar shelter location. Instead, all our rescue animals are cared for in private foster homes where the animals receive one-on-one care and attention in a home environment until permanent placement is found. Please email and request an adoption application and we will work toward approving you as an adopter with our rescue so that we can set a time for you to meet!

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Thank you for considering adopting a dog in need!


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