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Pit Bull Terrier

3 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Female

Carlsbad, CA


Got piglet? Well, we do! Our cutie patootie GIDGET is the sweetest lil piggie hippo doggie girl in town. We first met this stubby dog while volunteering at her shelter and after we learned more about her, we just knew she had to be a Wagging Dog!
Gidget arrived at the shelter as a stray. We don't know what brought her to that point in life, but she was adopted soon after arrival by a seriously irresponsible and downright stupid family. They picked Gidget up from her spay surgery and took her to a dog park - in a muzzle - that same day. Thank Dog they returned her to the shelter the next day because they 'didn't like her behavior at the dog park.' Never mind that they ripped her surgery site open with that foolish stunt. Forget that her hormones were all over the place, she was on pain killers and antibiotics from surgery, and should have been home resting quietly and not stuffed into a muzzle at a dog park and accosted by other ill mannered animals. Welp, after we heard that ridiculous tale, we searched for a foster home, found one, and drove her out of the shelter for good.
Loving girl Gidget is ready to meet her forever future. She's definitely in the market for responsible dog owners. A family who understands leadership and is willing to set boundaries for our young lady is a must. We want to know that the good manners she's learning in foster care will continue in her forever home and future. Gidget is very playful and a well matched adult male companion dog would be great. She enjoys watching squirrels in the backyard and going for daily walks and exercise. Gidget is crate trained, house broken, current on everything and microchipped. Her bags are packed and she's great in the car so send us an app today if you'd like to add this beauty to your fur family!

~ Adoptions within Southern California only please ~

Adopt Me
Carlsbad, CA

(310) 853-0757

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