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9 months

Williamston, MI



Ginger is be described as a tenacious, sweet, social butterfly. She LOVES to play, snuggle, and be a part of everything that is going on around her. She would love a family that has lots of time to give her attention and playtime. She spends most of her day frolicking around her foster home, keeping an eye on what her foster family and siblings are doing. In the evenings she is the first to crawl on the couch for some snuggle time, complete with a purring serenade for her human companions. Although she is very gentle about it, Ginger is learning not to nibble on fingers, and is learning that there are other ways to show her affection for her humans. She has learned that licks to fingers and face are ok as long as nibbles are not included. She just loves to give kisses!
Ginger also excels at office work, and is always available to "help" her foster mom with filing, typing, and gathering office supplies. She makes herself very useful...or at least she thinks so! Most importantly, she tries her best.
Ginger also does very well with other animals in the house, including cats and dogs. She will need to be placed with another young, playful cat or kitten that can keep up with her very exuberant play! She would not do well with a shy or antisocial cat, as she has some trouble with "personal space" at times. She means well, but would probably offend more reserved kitties.
Ginger does a very good job of using her litter box, and has never had any problems making it to the litter on time in her foster home.
Can you give Ginger the forever home she deserves? She would love to fill your home and life with love, fun, and plenty of kitty antics!
Est DOB: 02/17/16

Below are a few links on the benefits of adopting 2 kittens instead of just 1 kitten

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Williamston, MI

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