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3 years, 4 months
Small  |  Female

Nashville, TN



Ginni is one of several little Chihuahuas we are getting from someone who has never had them vetted, has let them live outside, and has done very little to socialize them.

When Ginni first came into the rescue, she was very fearful of people, noises, any quick movements and new surroundings. With the help of her fosters she has made significant progress in dealing with these fears. Although still fearful of many things, she has learned to relax when being held, enjoy sitting on laps, and quite playful with people she is familiar with. She is also making progress in her potty training. Once Ginni gets comfortable in a home, her sweet personality comes through. She gets along with cats, likes toys and loves to play with other dogs.

Since Ginni is still skittish, she will need a home that has a fenced yard or enclosed patio and no young children. Also, she needs a person who will have the patience to continue working with her in building up her confidence and overcoming her fears and insecurities.

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Nashville, TN

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1 year ago

Even tho I would like to ve to resue them all I can't but love how they r being taken care , I haven seen one I want but still going to keep looking , thanks for this opportunity.

Teresa hooten

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