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Gizmo (SC)

Rat Terrier

Small  |  Male

Atlanta, ga


Every bit as cute and sweet as his namesake in a well-known Spielberg film, 9-month-old Gizmo has a touch of terrier feistiness without any Gremlin-like love of mischief. Maybe that's because he's so darn happy that he was rescued from a shelter (on the very day they were going to "put him down"). Just 12 lbs., little Gizmo is a super-charged pup, who loves to prance and play, and he's hoping his forever home will have a fenced yard where he can romp. He'll go for hours on one "charge" if he has a playmate, and he gets along great with all the small and medium-sized dogs he's met so far in his foster home. (Obviously he thinks a dog buddy in his new home would be great!) You would think he must have springs in his paws when he does his impressive 2-foot vertical bounce as he waits for his meal to be prepared. Perhaps it's the baby carrots that he loves for treats that keep him going like the Energizer Bunny. When it's time to recharge, Gizmo loves to snuggle with his human. At bedtime, he sleeps through the night in a crate, where he's as likely to sleep under his bed as on it! He'll also go into his crate when he's ready for a nap and when his foster parents go out. He hasn't had any potty accidents indoors. Gizmo feels more comfortable with woman, but he warms up to men with time. This boy is a joy and a Gizmo you're going to want! See more pictures of Gizmo in his online album at .

Our adoption fee is $175 for adult dogs or $225 for puppies under 6 months old.
If you are interested in adopting this dog, PLEASE READ THE DETAILED ADOPTION PROCESS information on our website at From there, you can access our adoption application or contact our Adoption Team for more info.

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Atlanta, ga

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