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1 year, 2 months
Medium  |  Male

Flower Mound, TX


I don't really remember how I ended up homeless and living on the streets but one day my luck changed. I wandered up to a parking lot that had tons of giant semi-trucks. There were nice people working there and they started feeding me. I wagged my tail, gave kisses and danced around to show them how happy I was to finally have friends! Here is a video of me playing with the nice man that rescued me:
A few days later, another dog showed up and I could tell something was wrong. She was just laying there and wouldn't get up to stand or walk. I knew she was hungry so I started carrying some of my food over to her to share.
The nice people who were feeding us reached out to The Street Dog Project and they came and rescued my friend (London) and me! We took a car ride to the v.e.t. and got all checked out, vaccinated and soon we'll be "fixed." X-rays revealed that poor London has a broken hip but the good news is that now she's on pain meds so can walk!
I'm having fun at the vet but I heard that life gets even better once I move to a loving foster or forever home. I'm a young, fun playful dog who is looking forward to a family of my own! We're guessing I was born around Sept 2015 and I weigh in around 30 lbs.
Please email for info on fostering or adopting me. I like London but it's ok for us to be split up. I'm just glad we're both safe now and I know there are awesome families out there for us. Thanks! Love, Grimley (yes, I have a cowlick that sticks up on my back so am named after a SNL character)!

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