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Gus (courtesy post)

Pit Bull Terrier

2 years, 1 month

Asheville, NC


Note: This is a courtesy posting only! This dog is not available through Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Please contact Heather Yingst at 828-736-8966 or for more information.

I'm Gus. Mom rescued me in April because I was on the urgent list. I had terrible heart worms and was only 41 pounds. I was very weak and scared. Even my fur was thin. The other dogs in my run could sense that I was sick and they weren't letting me eat so I had to fight every day. The people at the shelter could see that I was getting picked on so they put me by myself. When Mom came in she put her hands on the bar of the front of the enclosure and leaned in. I put my paws right on her hands and kissed her face. She fell right in love. That's me. I love to give hugs and kisses more than anything else in this world! I want to please and be a good boy more than anything! I met my sister, Miami, in the special introduction area that the shelter had and kissed her cheek within two minutes. I'm a lover, not a fighter. In fact I'm the snugglingest dog Mom knows! I love to smooth my head into her chest and roll into her to lay down so that I'm as close as possible and be held and petted, especially on my neck and chest. Sometimes Mom gets frustrated and tells me to lay down because I keep wanting to start giving kisses again. I'm just so appreciative that I am loved and that I'm finally safe. I had never had that before. Mom can tell that I was never allowed on furniture before and sometimes I cringe like I'm afraid that she will hit me even though she never has. Twice she got mad and fussed at my sister and me for chewing something we weren't supposed to and I went and hid behind the dryer downstairs or under a little table and wouldn't come out for a while. Food and gentle talking helped. I also go into my crate sometimes when I'm feeling unsure. It's a safe place.

Mom says I've come an amazingly long way in a short amount of time though. I'm healthy now and Mom says I'm handsome. I have also learned that I can trust. I trust people and I wag and lick a lot. I do occasionally snap if someone gets to close to my head when I'm wound up but I make sure never to come to close to them and then I immediately try to lick and make friends again. Mom says I'm pitiful because I try so hard to be a good boy.

I'm not sure if I can be friends with kids. I haven't tried that yet. I would probably be better with folks who aren't too loud and boisterous.

At first I had trouble with other dogs. Mom says I had resource guarding issues. I ate my food and then tried to eat Miami's food too. If Mom gave us both a toy I left mine and tried to steal hers. I was very afraid I wouldn't have enough. I'm very grateful she was patient with me for so long. She did eventually loose her patience. That was a rough day. After that we got along though. I don't do that anymore. Mom feeds us in our crates but she doesn't close the door. We eat peacefully and she hasn't worried for a long time.

I still get stressed out. I feel nervous about playing with other dogs (I do love to snuggle together though). Mom wonders if I know how. When Miami gets playful with me or my brother Simba I bark and try to look fierce and then run off to chew my favorite toy - empty plastic bottles. I love them! They work every time and Mom is grateful that I'm so smart because I basically taught myself this coping skill. I didn't meet Simba until about three months ago and it only took me a week to get used to him. That's so much better than a month! We had a tiny scuffle and then we were friends. Mom still isn't sure if anyone won. She just knows that after that there was no longer any tension and we eventually started to snuggle and hang out together. I'm snuggled next to him in one of the pictures she is sending. He had to go with his Dad and Mom could tell I missed him.

I went to the dog park once and I was afraid of everyone and tried to seem scary by barking but Mom could see that I was shaking and very afraid. I haven't been back yet but that was months ago and she is confident in me that I can be fine with other dogs if I am allowed to learn how to feel safe at my own pace. She noticed that I don't bark or try to be scary when she walks me past them on a leash like I used to. She says I'm like a different dog now.

I know stuff too. I come when she calls me and usually right away. I crate trained and I know how to go lay down but I don't know sit yet. I'm more praise than food motivated but I love me some snacks!

I love to walk and play in the creek. I like to be outside a lot but I'm a bit of a homebody. When I get tired of walking I go to people's doors and that's how Mom knows I am ready to be home. I also like to chase cars which scared Mom to death. That's one of the few times I didn't listen because I was so excited. I guess I need a fence to help me behave. I bark at people and cars and cats if Mom takes me outside on my lead but not if we are walking together. She says I just need a job.

I don't have any health problems anymore and I don't behave badly anymore either. I'm a good boy. I just need to know that I am safe and loved so that I can continue to blossom. I know Mom wouldn't let me go if she didn't have to. She calls me her little baby boy ️

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Asheville, NC

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