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Gwen (Dove)


8 months
Large  |  Female

Woodinville, WA


7 months old
Dog Friendly with Slow Intros
Older Children
Crate Trained
Fostered in Beaverton, OR
Hi! My name is Gwen and I am your typical 7 month old puppy looking for my forever home! I am currently being fostered in Beaverton, Oregon where I am sharing my space with 3 large dogs (2 females and 1 male) and 1 cat! My foster mom says I am a little girl (I only weigh 35 pounds right now!) with a HUGE heart! I am very energetic (like any puppy is) and even though I am blind in 1 eye – it sure doesn’t slow me down!
When I first came to my foster home, I was quite afraid of everything new. The dogs, my foster mom, the doors, the stairs – you name it, I barked at it. With plenty of socialization, positive reinforcement, and time to learn how to trust, I have blossomed in to a lovely little lady! I am house trained (as long as I have plenty of opportunities to go outside) and crate trained. The first few days here at my foster home, I spent much of my time in my crate as it was my safe space.
We have been working really hard on my leash skills and obedience commands – as it seems that I am a little behind in this department. I have finally started to enjoy being outside on walks – but only with the confident dog in the home (and on a harness for safety). You see, loud noises and new situations scare me. I do get LOTS of treats on walks so I can keep my focus on my foster mom and not the other scary things I am unfamiliar with. I am NOT a dog that you can leave outside unattended as the loud noises and unfamiliarity scare me and I can tend to panic. As far as obedience training, I am GREAT at knowing how to “sit” on command (especially when treats are involved) and I know “lay down”. Sometimes, I “come” when called – but only if I know treats are involved!
Now that you have heard about my wonderful traits – I want to help you to ensure you are the RIGHT family for me! I have been moved around too much in my young life – so this new home needs to be my forever home! My ideal owner would be someone who is confident, calm, gentle, and understands that I need some time to trust and grow. I am very bonded with my foster mom as we have built that trust – so please understand that I will need you to continue to show me how to trust strangers (only positive reinforcement, please)! My ideal home would be one that has older, dog savvy children as I DO still like to jump on my humans when I get excited. I am working on learning that I get more attention when all 4 of my paws are on the floor. Also, I would LOVE to share my home with a confident – yet understanding – resident dog. I have really been able to learn how to behave, how to trust, and how to love by watching my foster sibling dogs.
So, what do you think?! Do you have the PERFECT home for me? I do love it here at my foster home – but I would love to find my very own family!
A note from my foster mom:
Gwen has grown LEAPS and bounds in the short time we’ve had her. We had to have her be separate but equal in the home for a few days so she could understand how the home worked and just to get used to the sounds of the house/other dogs. She is a VERY smart girl who thrives with a schedule and boundaries. Honestly, she would likely do amazingly well in a home where she can have a job – maybe learn agility! Besides how quickly she has adjusted to the home (she is playing beautifully with the dogs), she is a self-entertaining puppy when you need her to be. She loves her toys! She can be quite unsure when she first meets you – but she gains trust pretty quickly! Please understand that she will likely not be a dog that you’ll be able to have as on “off-leash” buddy nor one that you can leave in the backyard. When she is startled, she panics and runs. So, for her safety – it’ll be best to keep her on leash and supervised in the backyard.
To adopt Gwen, please fill out an application by going to!adoption-form/c1dw9 and filling out the adoption form.

If you would like to adopt her, fill out an adoption application on our website
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Woodinville, WA

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