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Medium  |  Female

Alvarado, TX


Pretty Gryl as she likes to be called and will bow on occasion when called that! She was surrendered to us along with Thor when the family could no longer care for her as she needed. Housebroken, crate trained, does great around small children and cats. Plays well with all our other fosters - big, small, old, young. She loves car rides and walks - though she has not had any real leash training.
Silly Gryl has two speeds - super lazy and turbo play. Super lazy = sprawling on the floor and lazily playing with whoever runs by. She will just lay there, if others want to play they have to come to her. Turbo play = NASCAR run thru house, over furniture, out the door, around the yard, back into the house all the while having a pack of puppies on her heels just waiting to dog pile and wrestle. It is rather comical.
Gryl would make a great addition to any family. She would also be a great apartment dog as she is relatively small, is quiet and already housebroken & crate trained.

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Alvarado, TX

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