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Happy :)


Large  |  Male

Newtown, PA


Dog Age: 5
Approximate Weight: 130
Good with other dogs?: Yes, female dogs only
Good with children?: Yes but has not lived with them
Energy Level : Middle of the road. Likes daily walks or a good game of fetch then settles down.
IQ: Smart
Nicknames: My Happiness.
Favorite thing in the world is: Stuffed animals and all balls especially the ones that light up
He is good: On a leash, In a car, At meeting new female dogs, At not having accidents in the house
His ideal home would have: Fenced yard, female dog, A VERY quiet environment, Someone at home most of the day
Training Needs: none, he is perfect.
Medical Issues: Happy has hyperextended/slipping hocks in his hind legs which means the muscles and cartilage are mis-formed. This causes him no pain at all and he has had him and leg xrays and they are perfect. Happiness could possibly develop some arthritis as he gets older but he is on Cosequin to keep that from happening. His legs have gotten much better with daily walks.
Meet Happy I wish I had an extra hand so that I could touch Happy all day. He is absolutely delicious. He loves to be pet and to snuggle. He is so great in the house and doesn't need to be crated at all. The boy loves all female dogs and has a pretty large fan club of ladies in his foster home and on his walks. He is fine with certain males and walks in the am with a 12 year old male Standard Poodle but he doesn't take kindly to any male that tries to dominate him or stare him down. He loves a bath and will just walk right into a shower or tub.
Happy needs a slow intro to people. He needs 15 minutes for new women and a lot longer for new men. He loves and adores his foster dad and men he knows from his AM walks. His new family would have to be patient with newcomers and not let people force themselves on him. He doesn't have the same problem with kids. He is drawn to them instantly but doesn't live with them.

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Newtown, PA

Top Reviews

1 year ago

Looking for a well mannered dog able to go to work with landscaping crew. At least a year n half. Please no time for house breaking. Live down the shore. Plenty of loving care and dog savy. Thank you

Donna Christopher Burdge

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