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3 years, 1 month
Small  |  Male

Garland, TX



Adoption: $450-----------
Weight: 8.4 lbs.----------
DOB: 10/11/13---------------
Health: Great health! No obvious issues found during vet exam-----------------
Temperament: Super sweet little boy with a great personality. Would make a good lap dog or walking partner. He's very sweet about grooming but he doesn't like being sprayed with water. He's a great little walker and doesn't bark at everyone he sees. He's quite enjoyable. Crates very well and loves to play with other dogs. -----------------

Where did he come from: Stray from Mesquite Animal Shelter--------------

Additional information:-----------


Email to request a printable application.-------------

------Please remember our group is made of only volunteers all of whom have full time jobs, foster fur-kids, and families of their own, so please be patient.---------

Adopt Me
Garland, TX

(214) 775-0648

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