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Baby Ruth


7 months

Austin, TX



Please contact Vicky ( for more information about this pet.

I am Baby Ruth (FKA Heath) and I was found with my two siblings and my mom in a Good Sam's backyard. Mom didn't want to change her ways so she was didn't join us in foster care but she was well taken care of and has plenty to eat. We are excited to have the opportunity to find good homes and never have to go out in the scary outdoors again.
I am enjoying playing with my siblings and I have met new kittens and we all get along. The newest little girl, Taffy, likes me but I am playing it cool. I'm too young for that. Besides, she is a little rough.
I am a little skittish at first but it didn't take too long for me to learn to like being petted while I eat, as long as you are slow, quiet, and calm. Update: I have started coming to be petted but I am still a little nervous, so no sudden moves.
I am in foster care in San Antonio. I am hoping once you see me, you will like what you see and that you have a playmate for me. Or you could pick two of us...
Update by foster mom: I was told I was given two brothers and a sister and Reeses was the sister. I never thought to look. Now Reeses is very proud of his family jewels so I checked the siblings. Ends up I have two sisters and a brother. Heath is not a boy but a girl. Heather would have been a logical name but everyone of the six little ones I had were given candy names so Heath becomes Baby Ruth. I am trying to get updated pictures but she loves to play and move, move, move...
When I first got Baby Ruth, I had 6 kittens in my bathroom and someone would occasionally poop and pee in the toilet. Several times I would see Baby Ruth climb in the toilet and when climbing out she would walk and shake her paws because they were wet. Lately there has been no poop in the toilet but there does continue to be pee. Not sure who is doing it, but my money is on Baby Ruth.

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Austin, TX

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