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Small  |  Male

Colorado Springs, CO


Hector Lots of Love to Give
I am a calm, happy little guy that loves to cuddle. When I want to cuddle I just walk up to my foster mom lay my head on her….unusually forehead first. She can never resist that! I am very attentive and like to follow her around and make sure things are going as they should. However, I do like to go do my own thing in the yard a lot to if given the chance. I will just take one of my stuffed toys out there and entertain myself and sun bathe for as long I can.
BREED: Chihuahua mix
COLOR: Red/Blonde
GENDER: Neutered Male
WEIGHT: 8 pounds

GENERAL SOCIALIZATION NOTES: I am really scared of leashes and therefore I am not a fan of going on walks. I need a home with a yard and someone that can work with me to overcome my fear because when I see my foster brother going out for walks I do really want to go! I just can’t make myself let my foster mom hook me to the leash though. With some patience and the help of the folks at ABRT, I am sure I can overcome this fear. I do like the dog park though and other dogs. I am potty trained and I never chew things up. Not even my toys. Also, something I should mention is I can be a little bit vocal and sad when I am first left alone in the mornings. However, once my foster mom is out of sight I quiet right down.
DOES THE DOG LIKE OTHER PETS? I currently live with another dog and 2 cats and I get along well with all of them. I am still learning how to play with other dogs though and sometimes I can be a little sensitive when they try to play with me because I don’t really understand how it works yet.
DOES THE DOG LIKE CHILDREN? I do like children but I am a small guy and if I am handled in a way I am not comfortable with I can be a little vocal about it.
FAVORITE TOYS: I mainly love small stuffed toys. They are the best! I will play fetch with them if you throw them for me too!
FOREVER HOME: My ideal forever home would have a little yard I can play in. It would also have patient loving people in it that would cuddle me and would be capable of understanding my quirks. I’m so excited to meet my new family!

Adopt Me
Colorado Springs, CO

(719) 264-6460

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