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2 years, 4 months
Large  |  Female

White Hall, AR


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Hedy is a doll. She has such a sweet, gentle and calm personality. All she wants is to love you and will come up to you and nudge your hands until they are on top of her head. Hedy doesn’t like to be too far away from her human; she is very content to lie next to you while you are on the couch. She is 100% housebroken. While I’m at work, she enjoys relaxing on her bed; she doesn’t chew or destroy anything. She greets me every day at the door, twirling and bunny hopping.

EXERCISE: Hedy has grown accustomed to her 2 daily walks. She loves these. Her forever home must be one where there is daily exercise. I’ve trained her to sit so I can put on her leash; she waits until given the “ok” to go out the door. She sits upon coming in so I can take her leash off. She does really well on her walks. Occasionally, she will pull but she responds well to correction. In addition to her walks, she needs time off leash, where she can run. And Hedy loves to run! It is adorable when she hops around like a bunny! She will always end up right by your side. After a lot of running, she will display a slight limp from her rear leg. Once she rests, she is fine. I’m thinking this might be from an old injury. Hedy really enjoys her car rides. She loves to hang her head out the window. She is really great in the car, however if she eats within an hour or so of travel, she may throw up. She enjoys chewing bones, chasing tennis balls and really likes squeaky toys.

FOOD: Hedy is not food aggressive. She will eat fast. I have taken to feeding her by hand so that I can slow down her intake. She does real well with this. If she eats too fast, she will throw it up. She cannot eat for about 30 minutes after her exercise or she will throw up. I’ve trained her to sit and wait to eat. She will look at me and wait for the verbal “ok” before eating. She is currently around a healthy 85lbs.

TRAINING: Hedy is very trainable and is food/ treat motivated, her favorites being bananas and ice cubes. The majority of my training has been non-verbal, instead I use gestures and sometimes noises (“shhhh”). Hedy needs confidence building. In the time I’ve had her, I’ve seen her confidence grow. She can be skittish with the unknown. I allow her as many different and new experiences as possible which has built up her confidence. She will need a patient and loving home, with a new family that will take the time with her. Hedy is very routine-oriented. She will adapt to a new routine quite well, as long at the consistency is there. She has taken on the responsibility of being my daily alarm clock. She will place her head on the edge of my bed, next to my head. If my face is close enough, it gets morning kisses.

CHILDREN: From what I have seen, Hedy is very sweet with children. She lets them pet her, while she remains calm. Because she can get excited (displayed by her ‘bunny jumps’), she could accidently knock down a small child.

OTHER ANIMALS: Hedy recently got to spend a few weeks with cats and her foster mom says she did wonderful. She will sit nicely and just watch the cats. Hedy does well around other dogs in that she does not show aggression. She will greet another dog and do the normal sniffing introductions. She does not play much with other dogs and is hesitant to do so.

GROOMING: Hedy is good at keeping herself groomed. She is not a fan of baths, but will reluctantly allow me to give her one. She allows me to clip her nails but she limits me to about 1-2 paws per session.

Step 1: Please complete the adoption application in full; incomplete applications WILL NOT BE PROCESSED
Step 2: Our Lead Adoption Coordinator will contact you and confirm your application has been received (please use our Contact Us form if you have not gotten a response within 7 days).
Step 3: After you have received confirmation from our Lead Adoption Coordinator, your application will then be forwarded to communicate with one of our Adoption Coordinators. The Adoption Coordinator is your point of contact during the adoption process,
Step 4: Once the Adoption Coordinator has finished processing your application, a volunteer will be selected to contact you to schedule a home visit. Home visits allow us to see where the dog will live, discuss any questions you have and review our adoption contract.
Step 5: Once the application process is completed, the adoption package goes to the board of directors for a 24 hour review.
SSRR is very serious about the homes our dogs are placed in and want to ensure they never end up homeless again. If you have any questions, please email us at . Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued Rottweiler!

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White Hall, AR

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