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2 years, 11 months

Austin, TX


Helena has giant, beautiful blue eyes. She is quite a talker. She loves people, including children. All she wants to do is be a lap cat. She slightly tolerates dogs, and absolutely HATES other cats. I’ve tried everything I could to get her used to my guys, but nothing at all works.

We found Helena, her chip says that she came from Kentucky, originally. The chip company wouldn’t give me any more info than this. I even spoke with some rescue organizations in Kentucky to put a word out, but so far nothing, and it’s going on three months.

She’s pretty miserable at my house because of the other cats. We have her confined to our bedroom and bathroom (with food/water/litter box). It’s not fair to her, but she’s terrified, otherwise.

She would be a great cat for someone without cats, perhaps just with a small dog or two.
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Austin, TX

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