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Helen D161138

Australian Shepherd

2 years, 4 months
Medium  |  Female

Eden Prairie, MN



Name: Helen
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Australian Shepherd mix
Weight: 38 lbs
Dog friendly: Yes, slow intros
Cat friendly: Unknown
Kid friendly: Yes
House trained: Mostly
Crate trained: Does not like her crate
Energy level: Moderate
History: From a shelter in Kentucky
Adoption Fee: $350
From the Foster: Helen is basically the cutest sweetest dog that exists. I may be biased but I think she is pretty fantastic and joyful. She makes me laugh every day.
First things first, I'm sure you're wondering about the eye. As far as we know it is an old injury and is healed/over scar we do believe she is mostly blind in that eye. The eye itself functions normally otherwise and doesn't seem to be bothering her at all, so there shouldn't be a need for it to be removed at this time. It just adds to her charm.

Helen goes back and forth between being a very mellow dog and kind of a crazypants. When she does get riled up she tends to jump and run around like a maniac, "box" with her front legs, and get mouthy like a puppy. HOWEVER, a good portion of the time she can be found holding down the couch or curled up in a dog bed. She has started to like toys and sometimes if I lose track of her I will find her on the couch happily gnawing on a rope toy. We have had very minimal issues with her chewing things she shouldnt. She has started to become more cuddly and loves attention from people. She will creep up next to you and roll around and get pets and belly rubs. She can be in-your-face for attention when she wants it. She loves to "boop" you with her nose.

Helen gets along pretty well with dogs but takes a little while to warm up to them. A few days of slow monitored interaction with another dog should get her used to them and once she comes out of her shell she will try to initiate play and wrestle with another dog. She does growl if new dogs get up in her face so she may not do well in a dog park. On walks she tends to shy away from other dogs but wants to meet the people. I would say she is slightly more a people-dog than a dog-dog so I think she would do okay in a home with or without another dog.

Helen is mostly potty trained but has had an accident here and there. We're down to about once a week and I am considering bell-training her. I think having a solid schedule and teaching her an alert like barking, scratching a door, or ringing a bell to signal when she wants to go outside will go a long way.

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Hi I live in Staten Island N.Y. I am interested in adopting Ava the little black Lab. How do we go about shipping the dog. Can you please advise. My name is Pat Marino. My e-mail is . My phone number is 718-667-7822 thank you

Patrick Marino

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