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Hennessy (Acc)

American Staffordshire Terrier

10 months
Medium  |  Female

Whitestone, NY



Hennessy is a spayed six month old dog being surrendered to our care centers as her owner is moving and unable bring her along. Hennessy is described as friendly, playful, and affectionate. She has lived with children of various ages, four years old and up. According to the owner, Hennessy enjoys meeting new people and displays social behavior upon greeting. She has never lived with other dogs or cats but will bark and pull on leash at the sight of the neighborhood stray cats. It is also reported that Hennessy allows all handling and there are no known behavior concerns. She is not yet completely housebroken and will have daily accidents. Upon entering the SAFER room, Hennessy displayed social behavior towards the assessor. She showed no concern during the assessment, readily allowing all handling and engaging in soft play with the assessor. However, Hennessy has shown concerning behaviors towards other dogs during her time at the Care Center. She becomes very focused on them, barking and growling in their direction. She jumps on the other dog’s back, attempting to bite through the muzzle. The Behavior Department recommends that Hennessy be placed in a home with no other dogs and feel that Hennessy would greatly benefit from supervised dog socialization sessions with a professional behaviorist or a positive reinforcement. (see GROUPBEHAVIOR entry for more information). The behavior department believes Hennessy can go to an “experienced” home who can provide the mental/physical stimulation she needs to thrive and succeed. Force-free, reward based training is recommended to help her acclimate in a new home environment. Look: 1. Dog leans forward or jumps up to lick the Assessor’s face with tail wagging, ears back and eyes averted. Sensitivity: 2. Dog displays high energy and movement, but it is directed toward getting closer to the Assessor. Her body is soft, likely panting, may jump up between attempts to lick Assessor. Tag: 1. Dog stands with her tail low and wagging, and comes toward the Assessor in a friendly manner when the Assessor ceases moving. Squeeze 1/2: 1. Dog does not respond at all for three seconds. Her eyes are averted and her ears are relaxed or back. Toy: 1. Minimal interest in toy, dog may smell or lick, then turns away.

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Whitestone, NY

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1 year ago

Am very interested in the dog ,can you please text me (516) 362-0473 and also email me for more info

mike moore

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