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11 months
Small  |  Female

Delaware, Oh


Hope is a special needs Chi/min pin x pup. She has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Hope's former owner (BYB) said from the minute she opened her eyes she has been shaking. In a nutshell, the cells in Hope's Cerebellum (which regulates the control and coordination of movement) did not mature normally.

Hope is a perpetually happy, wiggly-butt of a dog who never fails to put a smile on your face. Her antics keep you laughing, like her penchant for bringing rocks inside the house and toys outside the house. At the end of the day, her foster mom will find 5-10 rocks in the family room that she just carries in and plays paw hockey with. She doesn’t chew them, though, just carries them. Hope was on a raw diet from a young age but we are very happy to report that she has now been transitioned to a dry grain free kibble and she is doing wonderful! She had her follow-up appointment with her neurologist, and got a glowing report. He was very pleased with her progress and has cleared Hope for adoption. She just shakes more than normal, and while she can be uncoordinated, she is 100% puppy and nothing stops her from running and playing.
Hope’s neurological disorder limits her ability to jump and do stairs. She should not be in a home that requires usage of more than one or two steps, and any more than that can pose a significant danger to her. She tends to be unstable (because of the shaking) and is not very coordinated, so it would be easy for her to fall while going up or down stairs. She would be good for an apartment because of being potty-pad trained, but does require more exercise and play than a inside-only environment would allow. Her play drive almost requires a companion animal that will play with her. She loves to wrestle and tumble with the other dogs and it is a very frequent occurrence.
Hope would do best in a home with no small children, a fenced-in yard and a doggy door. She loves to be outside, and in good weather, spends most of her day outside either napping or playing.
Please watch Hope's video's, links below, you will see how much she has progressed since being in foster care. We are all amazed at how well she is doing and so proud of her!

In foster care in Port Clinton, OH.

We want to thank our friends at One By One Animal Advocates for their help with Hope. Please go to their FB page to support them.

Watch Hope's videos: OhioPoms/videos/ 965614496840644/ OhioPoms/videos/ 965623326839761/ OhioPoms/videos/ 965632546838839/ OhioPoms/videos/ vb.203914489677319/ 967212073347553/ ?type=3&permPage=1 OhioPoms/videos/ vb.203914489677319/ 967236886678405/ ?type=3&theater

Stay tuned & we will post updates.

If you would like to make a donation to help us with Hope's care, our PayPal is CentralOhioPomRescue@gmail .com
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visit our Fundraising pages on FB: FundraisingForPoms HappyTailsFundraising/

Thank you!

Check out Hope's album on our FB page:

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Delaware, Oh

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