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Hoss D161488


2 years, 2 months
Large  |  Male

Eden Prairie, MN



Name: Hoss
Date of Birth: Approx. 09/20/2014
Gender: Male
Breed: Boxer x
Weight: 75 lbs
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: TBD
Kid friendly: Yes older due to some mouthiness
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Does fine left out
Energy level: Moderate
History: Pulled from an animal shelter
Adoption Fee: $300

From the Foster:
He is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met – he is a total love and would be a great addition to any family with older kids. I say that only because he’s big and he’s strong and sometimes he doesn’t know his own strength. He’s getting past his “mouthy” problem and truthfully, he’s never hurt anyone, he’s pretty gentle. I can’t tell if he’s stubborn or if he’s just never been trained to come when called by his name – the first few days we had him, I wasn’t even sure he knew his name. Training him has been a bit of a challenge only because he’s an extremely picky eater and is not at all motivated by dog treats. We started using cut up hot dogs as his treats and those seem to motivate him to listen. He does have a propensity to run, so a home with a fenced in yard would probably be best – but then we’ve only had him for a little over a week so maybe he’d get over that… Perhaps it’s too early to tell. He does not love his crate... IF you can win the wrestling match and get him in there, he stays quiet and is very good - but, we have actually found that crating him is not really necessary. He just lays quietly when home alone, has never had any accidents in the house or destroyed anything so we’ve opted for the path of least resistance and just let him have run of the house without any mishaps.
For the most part, he’s a very chill guy. We have two other dogs and they peacefully coexist – a couple of times per day, we do have to pull him and our younger lab apart because they tend to get rambunctious. He needs a little work walking on a leash but sits great in the car. As I was told when we first took him in – he is a little rough around the edges, but he’s sweet, he’s smart, he’s gorgeous and he’s totally worth the small amount of effort to turn him into a good canine citizen. We will continue working with him on his manners so we can update this at a later time if some lucky family hasn’t snapped him up.

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Thanks for your interest in Secondhand Hounds!!

Hoss truly means well and has a fairly soft mouth, but we are not equipt to handle the mouth problem. We did however solve the crate problem and it is going well. He goes in with little effort. Hoss is also a good friend to our dog and does well with other dogs. Rainier and Hoss love to wrestle and chase each other. When he does calm down he loves to rest his head on laps which is beyond adorable. He has great potential but needs help beyond what we can provide. I'm sorry for the poor news. We can certainly house him until another foster is found.

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Eden Prairie, MN

(952) 322-7643

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1 year ago

Hi I live in Staten Island N.Y. I am interested in adopting Ava the little black Lab. How do we go about shipping the dog. Can you please advise. My name is Pat Marino. My e-mail is . My phone number is 718-667-7822 thank you

Patrick Marino

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