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Hugo 14-036

Border Collie

5 years, 10 months
Medium  |  Male

Parker, CO


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No one seems to know what breed I am, but I am a unique dog and very healthy. After spending several weeks in a shelter, I was saved just in time by Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue because I told them I was a cocker-mix. Ha, I fooled them, but now I'm bored. They figured out that I'm a working dog with some herding tendencies.
I’m as smart, if not smarter than Einstein and want so much to follow your lead, but need gentle and patient training and owners. When my human is inconsistent or indecisive about how to act around me. I might challenge until you learn that I am teaching you. Sometimes, when I guard things, you will need to distract me so I can walk away. I would love to learn tricks and run, climb and jump - I can even jump a 6 foot fence but will come back when you call my name. I’m just so curious about what’s going on in this big world. I don’t like retrieving balls nor having my hair brushed but I get glowing reports from the vet and groomers after taking some sedation meds first.
Sometimes, when I get anxious, I love to sing. I was born to be active and need a good amount of daily exercise. Without regular, sufficient exercise and mental challenges, I get bored. I currently live with other dogs but I enjoy chasing them away. I get nervous and bark when they come running past me while I'm in 'my spot'. There are times when I'll use my nose and head to move them out of my way. I might even nip at their rear ends hoping they will “move-it-along”. I don't like other dogs near my food or bones so I need to be fed alone. I enjoy being with my pack of humans, but not with a pack of dogs. If I had to live with another dog, I would prefer calm and quiet sibling, but would rather have a human to call my buddy. I am very sociable and enjoy the company of all humans, but if you spend more time with me than others, I will bond with you more quickly.
My favorite game is following my buddy everywhere. If you dig in the yard, I will make sure you are doing it right. If you go into the garage, I will sit by the door and wait for you to come out. If you spend time outside, I will stay close just in case you need anything. I love to jump into the car and join you when traveling, but when the car moves, I love to sing.
I prefer humans over the age of 12, but when I am resting, please don’t disrupt me with a touch; a simple hello as you pass me by is best.
I am looking for a forever home with humans young enough to provide me with a variety of activities and some jobs. I dream of living on a farm or a ranch, but a home in the suburbs with a large yard and a very tall fence would suit my fancy, also. I do not like being bored so if you think you have some activities for me, please take a chance on me and consider taking me home with you.

Our dogs are temporarily housed in pre-screened, loving foster homes while waiting their new forever home. They are also micro-chipped, groomed (if needed), and given a thorough professional veterinary exam to identify any health issues or potential issues. Please view this dog and all our Cocker Spaniels at

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Parker, CO

(303) 617-1939

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