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Please contact Anne (abaumgartner2008@yahoo.com) for more information about this pet.

Please apply online at http://texasgreatdane.org/adoption-application/

Silly little shy guy

Iggy is a very passive, sweet little boy who was found on the streets following a Bulldog buddy. His trust in humans had dwindled and if it weren't for his very trusting street buddy, Iggy would not have been picked up May 2016. Luckily, Iggy is remembering that humans are great. Though fearful, Iggy is not a snappy dog and just freezes when being picked up and carried. Since May, he has learned that he can jump up on a recliner or couch to be pet or picked up. He quickly learned to love his crate and has never pottied in the house. It seems he had a family who taught him well, but had been on his own for awhile on the streets. But, Iggy still Loves going for walks; he is such a great walking companion! Iggy needs someone who will spend the time bonding to him and taking him out for rides and walks and errands so he can continue developing his happy little dance he has re-discovered he has for people. For more information on Iggy, please contact his foster mom, Anne. 210-887-8041 or abaumgartner2008@yahoo.com

Please apply online at http://texasgreatdane.org/adoption-application/

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6 months ago

This organization sells dogs at "Unleashed by Petco" in the Northwoods Shopping Center in San Antonio. They display the dogs outside on the sidewalk and complete the paperwork inside the store. They said they rescue these dogs from shelters. I adopted one such dog from them on April 30th, and they did not adequately clean and treat the dog’s health issues prior to sale, nor did they disclose health issues. When contacted following the purchase (via email as they have no phone number on their paperwork), their delay in their responding, their lack of response to specific issues, and their excuses and aggressiveness led to this complaint. I contacted Petco - they claim no liability or service breech despite the adoption form being on Petco letterhead and taking place inside their store. First, the dog was heart worm positive, and they did not disclose this verbally. I realized it when filling out the adoption paperwork after spending an hour with the dog. They gave me three pills and told me not to worry, claiming the medicine they provided would resolve the issue. They said it was no "big deal". Having no experience or knowledge of heart worm, I was concerned, but I believed them. I then contacted them via email the same day I purchased the dog asking about behaviors such as scratching, rubbing his right ear against the ground, shaking his head, scratching his body, and an excessive amount of dandruff/skin dryness and flakiness. After no response, I took the dog to a vet and emailed them again with the findings. I also found their phone number online and left them a voice mail. They did not respond. The vet said the pills they offered are not sufficient for heart worm treatment and the cost and time needed were lengthy and expensive (over $1000 and more than 6 months worth of blood tests, treatment, and follow up testing). I called 3 other vets to confirm this information. The vet also said the dog had an ear infection and dermatitis. When I adopted the dog, the sellers, Great Dane Rescue, provided "free" health insurance for one month. The insurance company said none of these conditions are covered given they were pre-existing and disclosed at the time of purchase. After a second email, I received a reply from them on May 2nd. The email claimed they provided all the heartworm treatment needed and did not address any of my other concerns regarding ear infection and dermatitis. Their response was that they provided all that was needed, and my vets were "only interested in [my] money". They stated I made a mistake in adopting him and should return him. "He is a rescue dog and lucky to be alive...return him...". In addition to numerous health issues that were not address, they failed to even bathe the dog prior to adoption. He was filthy and light grey instead of the brown/black I thought he was when I took him home. It took a long bath to get him clean and notice the cracked and flaking condition of his skin. The organization doesn’t seem to have them checked by a vet either as they had no clue he had an ear infection or skin problems. The paperwork indicates their "intake date" was on March 25th, had him neutered on 4/6, and I adopted him on 4/28. They had adequate time to clean him and have a vet check out his health. All the communication with them post purchase are in email, and I can forward the document if needed. I see no way to attach the document here. Overall, stay away from this organization. As I call various rescue groups and vets, I've had others tell me they don't work with this organization because of similar issues. And they don't want to solve the problems and care for the dog's well-being. They won't talk to you on the phone. They simply say via email, give back the dog next weekend at Petco. Shame on them and shame on Petco for allowing them in store.


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