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Austin, TX


Ike just wants someone to love. We don't know much about the little guy, but it doesn't seem as if he has had any formal training or domestic comfort to speak of. Crates, leashes, toys and basic commands all seem to be a mystery to him. But what he's seen, he likes.
He likes a lot. In fact, he pretty much falls in deep, lasting love with everyone he meets. He's like one of Cupid's arrows, in dog form.
Ike may not be used to modern living, but he is catching on quick. He whines in his crate for a bit, but settles down and is not destructive. If you give him a deer antler to chew on while he's in there, he's golden.
He took to his leash pretty quickly. He isn't much for toys, but he loves playing with other dogs. He has a lot of energy and the older dogs he is living with in foster get a bit annoyed with him. But he's so well-meaning in his pestering, they let it slide.
He absolutely adores people. He forged instant bonds with everyone in his foster family, and loves being cuddled and snuggled. He will just meet a person, then cry like a scorned lover when they leave. When you come back from the HEB, he will greet you like you've returned from war.
The best home for him would be one where there is some action in it most of the time, be it people or animal companionship. We haven't observed him around kids or cats, but suspect he would do well with kids. Ike's a bit older, but still very much like a puppy in a lot of ways. He will need house, leash and basic obedience training. But he is smart, and starting to catch on to what is expected of him as a pet. Once he finds his groove, we think he will be a fantastic family dog. Affectionate and playful in equal measure.
Ike loves so much and so easily, it's hard not to love him back. Come meet him! If you have questions, please email

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Austin, TX

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