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2 years, 5 months
Small  |  Female

Sacramento, CA



Sacramento- Irma is a super loving and active mom. She is young (maybe 2) and only about 11 pounds. She is house trained (has been since day 1), crate trained, gets along with with dogs and cats and loves people. Her only flaw really is that she has barrier insecurity. What does this mean? Means she likes other animals but if there is a barrier (crate, door, puppy pen), she makes a lot of tough girl noises and sounds rabid. Open up the crate or whatever and she is fine. All talk! My animals don't care and it goes away pretty quickly when she gets to know the animals, but I still find it annoying and have been working on correcting this behavior. She was rescued from Tulare Animal Services​ with her babies, and they are practically grown now and she is looking forward to not having to be a mom again. She liked them when they were old enough to play with but that is about it. She reminds me so much of my dog, whose Doggie DNA​ said he was a chihuahua and rat terrier so I expect that would be a good guess for her as well. She loves to snuggle but also likes to play a lot, so it would be great for her to have another active dog to burn off that energy. She is a decent climber, she would try to climb my trees to chase squirrels and she will kill small prey (for example... 7 week old chicks) but again is fine with the cat. But not sure I would trust her with gerbils or other small animals.
Irma was named in honor of super comfortable LuLaRoe shirt, since LuLa Roe Sarah Gosling​ donated a portion of her sales to us last month (totaling $500!)
She will be available for adoption on July 2nd but we will accept applications now. She will be spayed, microchipped, dewormed and up to date on vaccines. You can find our adoption process online and apply at:
Adoption Fee: $200

Adopt Me
Sacramento, CA

(916) 668-0364

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