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Small  |  Female

St Louis, MO


Female 1 year old chihuahua

Meet Izzy!! She's a 15 lb, 1 yr old Chihuahua mix. She was lost but now she's found! This girl has a special survival story!

This little girl is such a joy to watch come out of her shell. It's quite amazing that after 6 weeks of being lost and feral, she is the most affectionate, kissable, playful, can't wait to greet you, excited young gal! Izzy loves her foster siblings -from Star, my wild and crazy Border Collie pup to Raphael, the docile and regal Saluki. Izzy loves to play with toys and after a good bout can be seen snuggling on the top of the couch like a cat or on any pillow in the house. Izzy is mostly housebroken (she gets distracted is all) and enjoys cuddling under the covers or on your pillow at night.

I'm amazed that this is the dog that would run away at the moment you made eye contact with her and kept that "game" going for far too long. Izzy prances around the neighborhood as if she knows exactly where she's going. Izzy wears a special no slip collar/lead on her walks and will require a special home that has a very, VERY secure yard with a privacy fence and someone that will watch her 24/7, perhaps even still on a leash when she is outside. Trapping Izzy will be very difficult or impossible in the future. It was no easy task. Feel free to take a peak at all her tricks and just how sneaky she was during her journey- out in plain view...and unwilling to let anyone get close enough. Catch me if you can was a favorite past-time. Izzy is, believe it or not, a follower and would do best with another furry companion that can show her the ropes and be her friend to follow close behind. I believe that because my dogs do not challenge my fence, Izzy has also never felt the need to do so. But trust me, she is an escape artist in fenced yards just the same.

Izzy would also do best NOT in a home with young children. She's not aggressive or reactive in any way but she gets drastically uncomfortable and would rather flee or hide from children and not be cornered or have to be around them. I do not believe young children would have reason to be afraid of her, in fact quite the opposite-she's afraid of them. It will just take time and patience and wouldn't be the best scenario to have a family with kids excited to play with their new dog.

Izzy is fully vetted and ready to find her pawfect furever home!

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St Louis, MO

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