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Jack - courtesy listing

Jack Russell Terrier

Small  |  Male

Westminster, CO


These animals are NOT available through Moe Moe’s Rescue of the Rockies.
These animals are currently with their owners who are looking to rehome them, with another rescue organization looking for help placing them, at a shelter waiting for adoption, or any type of scenario. You can read about their specific situation in their bio as well as who to contact for more information on the animal or if you are interested in adopting the pet.
Meet Jack! Jack is 10-12 years old. He was picked up as a stray about 6 weeks ago by a 77yr old woman. She has had him neutered and has given him all of his vaccinations including the "6 month" heart worm preventative vax. He is a "mix" but they believe he has some Jack Russell Terrier in him. Jack is a super sweet little dog and just loves everyone. He lives with 5 other dogs as well as horses, llamas, cats, etc. and does great. We have no idea why someone would abandoned this sweet boy in his golden years.
He is happy and generally healthy but does have some type of neurological problem that limits use of his hind legs. When he starts to walk he initially drags his back legs but then is able to assume a reasonably normal gait. He is fully continent and does not appear to be in any pain. He does have some "sores" on his hind feet from dragging them. The vet is not sure what the nature of his disability is but suspects an old spinal cord injury (disc?). He is being treated with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent which seems to improve his gait/ambulation. He does have some early/mild cataracts as well. If you would like to adopt this sweet, adorable boy and give him the life he deserves - full of love and warmth, please contact for more info. Jack can catch a flight anywhere in the US.

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Westminster, CO

(303) 877-9582

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