Sr Jack is Back (ETS Eligible)

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

Medium  |  Male

Remus, MI


Please contact Monica R Larner (, (989) 330-5147 for more information about this pet.

11-27-15 I was told that Jack's owner was in the hospital and did not know for how long. I offered to temporarily take care of Jack, and had a volunteer bring him to rescue. When I called later that day, the adopter answered the phone, surprisingly. So the gist of the conversation was that the adopter did not know if they could properly care for him. I did offer food assistance, yet there has been no reply.
10-15-12 Jack has been adopted!

9-29-12 Jack has a pending adoption.
6-9-12 Jack comes back into rescue, due to his acting up when people would come to the home. Jack was worked with and the adopter did not feel that Jack could be trusted around the grandchildren. Jack tries to "buffalo" people by staring them down, then chewing on their pant legs.

4-28-12 Jack has a pending adoption.

March 2012, Jack may have been abandoned. Jack has been here with us since last July due to his owner losing his job and place to live. The owner had found a job where he moved to with hopes of bringing Jack with him when he found a place to live. We were told that when he found a place to live that there was another male dog in the home, which was not going to work out for Jack. We were told that the owner would be finding his own place so that Jack could come back. Well, Christmas came and went without a visit to Jack. The new year rolled around and I asked that Jack go back with his owner before March 1st, so that I can continue to help the shelter dogs that need to come into rescue. So, on 2-15-12, I reminded the owner that March 1st was coming up. He said that he was moving to San Antonio, TX and had found a place for Jack. I asked him to find out what vaccinations were needed for him to move there, and I would get those done for him. Since that time there has been NO response back to my voice mails or text. All I can think is that Jack has been abandoned.
Jack is looking to be the only dog in the home, and he will need an ACD experienced strong leader.
August 2007, Jack (RED)aka J.D. aka Tuffy, was adopted out in January 2007 from another ACD Rescue in Michigan, then the adopter took him to the shelter. The other rescue refused to take him back and told the adopter to take him to the shelter. The shelter contacted us, and we went to bail him out. We were told that he was fighting with the female cattle dog in the home. We were also told that he escaped and attacked the neighborhood dogs.

J.D. is extremely friendly with people. The people at the shelter did not have any problems with him. When I met him he made right up to me. When we got him home, we introduced him on neutral ground with our personal ACD female. No problems there. We then put him into a long run over 100 feet long with dogs on both side of him. J.D. did not show any posturing towards fighting.
We don't think that J.D. is a bad dog, he needs a strong leader to steer him in the right direction.

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Remus, MI

(989) 330-5147

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