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Fort Lauderdale, FL


Jackson is a smaller boy, four years old, white with small patches of fawn on his ears and tail. He is sweet as all get out and wants to be with someone all the time. He is even happy to spend time with cats, small dogs or other fluffy critters. He is a very special guy. And sooooo handsome!
A smaller sized, white male is like the perfect dog but of course, none of us are perfect and neither is this FoG dog. There'€™s a couple points to consider. First, he doesn'€™t like to be alone. He was in a home for almost nine months and he developed tremendous separation anxiety. Normally having another dog around is enough to prevent SA but apparently Jackson was so very attached to his humans that he just could not be without them. He now has a few scars from breaking out of his kennel. They had two small dogs but not a greyhound. We don't know if that would make a difference or not.
Then there'€™s his foot. He is missing a few toes on on one of his front feet so he holds his foot up when on hard surfaces. The vet says it is a birth defect and it didn'€™t keep him from racing so we just need to understand that it makes him more special. It doesn't hurt him. He runs and plays like the other dogs and doesn'€™t know he'€™s different.
And then there'€™s one more item. It'€™s more critical and I know it'€™s going to scare some people away. But I hope there'€™s just one person out there who can look past this. Jackson is allergic to anesthesia. There is a "low dose" anesthesia that can be used for some situations and new developments in the Veterinary world are working to make anesthesia even more tolerable for dogs like Jackson. The most common problem that requires anesthesia in greyhounds is dental problems. So if you commit to taking good daily care of his teeth, you've won half the battle. There are also great non-anesthesia dental alternatives out there now but regular maintenance is the key to good dental health. Research is coming up with all kinds of things and maybe soon we'€™ll have a "non-anesthesia anesthesia". But until then, you would need to keep your vet informed about Jackson.
Jackson is a lively, handsome, healthy, happy boy who deserves a good home. He has a lot of love to give! Come visit him!
We think a retired person or couple with a fenced yard would be ideal for Jackson! And if that's you, please consider coming to meet him!
For more information about how to make an appointment to visit Jackson or any of our other dogs, or for any other information about adopting a retired racing greyhound, please visit our website: If you have specific questions or are ready to meet Jackson, feel free to email us at or call the office at 954-578-0072. If we are not around, the recording will give you our cell phones. Friends of Greyhounds has other wonderful greyhounds, too. if Jackson isn't the right one for you, maybe another one is! Feel free to call.
Friends of Greyhounds adopts in the South Florida area. If you are elsewhere, please consider a greyhound group near to you by visiting
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