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Jason *F*


2 years, 4 months

Sanford, FL



Jason was found as a stray. He is a sweet little dog that is fine with all of our volunteers. Jason went to the nursing home to visit the residents and he was a big success! He sat on their laps and was very well-behaved. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. He is crate trained.
Foster Update September: Jason is a quick learner and knows sit, down, stay, come. Tried him in the pool again and while he is a very fast swimmer, he wasn't real thrilled with it! We have had lots of people in and out of the house recently and he seems to love everybody. He *can* be very yappy if separated or if he is outside and sees something HE deems to be a danger. He does like bones but should be separated from any other dogs as he can get protective. We had a younger foster dog last week and Jason and the foster tumbled around and played almost non stop. Jason wore out before the foster did! He loves sleeping under the covers and likes to be with his people whenever possible. He will also just go in one of the dog crates and lay down during the day. He loves everybody. He can be protective and quite vocal. He loves to be outside but is easily distracted and likes to bark at any people or pets he sees. We have caught him chewing on the baseboards a few times and always redirect him with a bone or toy. He definitely has some puppyish behaviors
Foster Update: Jason is such a smart little guy and learns things very quickly. He is very fast and zips around the yard. We tried him in the pool and he did swim, but it wasn't his favorite activity! He loves to follow his people around and know where they are all the time. He loves it outside. We crate him when we are gone, mostly because we have multiple dogs, but I have caught him mouthing one of my shoes a couple of times. He can get a little mouthy (not biting) occasionally but stops when told to and can easily be switched to a bone. He likes to chase squirrels and even a butterfly once in a while! When he is not busy, if he is not on a dog bed, he likes to cuddle or be on a lap. He had cherry eye, which was repaired but the repair did not take. Our vet said it should not be a problem in any way, only if it bothers his people.

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Sanford, FL

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