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French Bulldog

Small  |  Male

Bellbrook, OH


Before applying to adopt, please consult with ALL family members on adopting a pet. If renting; please be sure your landlord knows and approves. We will contact your vet for current info on existing pets, we will also contact your landlord if renting to make sure that you are allowed said pet and they are aware you are looking. We choose homes based on the best fit for the dog. Fence requirements depends on the dog, your experience, and the community in which you live. If you are NOT ready to adopt due to vacation, or moving, etc. please do not apply until that time that you are ready. Typically, the adoption process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on the volume of apps. Please be PATIENT with us, if you find another dog in the meantime, please let us know so we can move on.
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Jaxon is a Frenchie Boston mix who is slowly letting his personality come thru. He is a funny, spunky, sweet, loving yet laid back pup. He loves to be outside running in the yard playing fetch (which we are still working on him giving it back) or just lying in the grass. Jaxon is house broken, crate trained, and leash trained. He loves to go for car rides and is great in the car. He likes to sit on the middle console so he can see everything that is going on. He likes going for walks, hiking or walking through creeks with you. He has learned commands of sit, leave it, and how to find his toy when you direct him to. When giving him treats he is extremely gentle, he only uses his lips. The treats he gets are tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, or any other fruit or veggie. He loves them! He is currently in a foster home with cats and dogs and he gets along well with everyone. Jaxon enjoys being right by your side no matter what you are doing. He is not a dog that likes to be cuddled but he will lie close to you and does like to sleep in the bed with you at night.
Due to his breed he is very strong willed. The home that would be the best fit for him would be a single women who is active and strong willed herself or someone with children over the age of at least 12 years old and if there are other pets it would be fine. If you do have other pets, we are dealing with food aggression but if you keep the bowls on opposite sides of the room and when you set his bowl down make him sit first and then tell him to get a bit everything is ok. If he tries to eat out of another bowl and you tell him to leave it, he will walk away and go back to his bowl. He also would need a fenced in yard. He is timid with men but if you are patient with him and ignore him when he barks or growls at you he is fine after a few minutes. You have to let him come to you on his time so he knows everything is ok. He also needs someone who is a leader, sometimes if he doesn’t want to do something he may growl at you, it’s not aggressive he just tries to get stuff past you. If you correct him right away he stops and you can continue what you were trying to do. When I first got him this happened on almost everything I asked of him, now he very rarely does it. Jaxon is a wonderful little guy and with a little work and the right home he would be a great addition to someone’s family. Jaxon is neutered, up to date on his shots and HW negative. He weighs 19 pounds and his adoption fee is $250.

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You must be willing to commute to the location that the pet is being fostered in order to be eligible to adopt. We do not ship our pets. We also require that you personally bring the pet back to us should the adoption not work out.
We do NOT negotiate adoption fees. Our fees have not changed in years, although vetting, food, supplies, etc has all gone up. All money goes to our dogs and the running of this rescue. We are 100% volunteered based.
Adoption fees are non-refundable.
Please expect any new pet you bring into your house to need an adjustment period.

Apply on-line at, Adoptables tab, upper right corner - orange button.

Due to the volume of apps and inquiries, we may not be able to respond to everyone.

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would like to see if you've still got the little black girl dog name Ava? My email is


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