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Jesse Jessica, An Honorable Girl (lower fee)


Medium  |  Female

Yardley, PA


Jesse Jessica is a precious mix of Beagle and Corgi. She is approximately 8 years old and weighs 25 lbs. Her red and white coat looks like it belongs to a dog from the past, and so do her eyes. Jesse Jessica is an old soul, and we know one when we see her. There's a kind of quiet wisdom about her, and we at Crossing Paths, honor that. We value it. Although it's obvious that most of our dogs are puppies or young adults, we feel strongly about rescuing older dogs, too. They need homes just as much as puppies do. And so we brought Jesse Jessica to you. She's a very sweet girl with the head of a Beagle and the short legs of a Corgi. She is gentle and loving and grateful for being rescued. She would be grateful to you, too, for realizing the importance of her life. (posted 6/25/16, ME, N/A) **It is rare that we know with certainty the ages or mixes that make up our wonderful dogs, but we do our best to be as accurate as possible based upon our many years in rescue.**
As Celebrate Home Dogs, the total fee, which includes adoption and transport, is only $200.00. Our goal in lowering the fee is simple. We want dogs like Jesse Jessica in your home as quickly as possible. They have been waiting too long, and they need their own beds (or yours) in their own home. More importantly, they need your love.
The adoption fee covers quarantine, worming, all vaccines, heartworm testing, heartworm and tick/flea preventatives, neutering, health certificate, and complete medical records.
Adoption Fee: $100.00
Transport Fee: $100.00

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Yardley, PA

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Is she still available for adposhi


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